A letter from the beginner of kernel programming to the "Chu Madman"

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For those who learn kernel (driver) programming, the "Chu Madman" will not be unfamiliar, because it is the only kernel tutorial that can be used to get started from the Internet. As a layman, we do not have the right to comment on the Quality of writing by people, but as a beginner, a purchaser of books (the real book of "Day and night reading" is not an e-book ), I would like to say a few words: as a beginner, from simpleProgramIt is very helpful to learn the examples, but there are errors in the examples in "Day of the night reading". As the author of the book, shouldn't all the sample programs be published after being executed on the machine?

There is also a total of 270 pages of books, not many, but carefully observe how the word on each page is so big? I think it would be enough to write a normal it book on a 150 page. This may not be the error of the "Chu Madman". It must have been requested by the publisher. How can I buy 45 yuan for a 150-page book?

However, I would like to express my gratitude to the "Chu Madman" for setting up a platform for beginners. One of my suggestions is that everything should begin with details. Thank you very much and sincerely.

Attached to the book, Chapter 1, page 2, a classicCodeLet's see for yourself. I think Chu's crazy guy is a master, but his book writing attitude needs to be improved.

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