A letter to our sisters

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A letter to our sisters

Time flies really fast, in a twinkling you all have to go to high school, I believe you must be full of expectations of high school life, brother Hope you can be happy healthy health to spend the same age, so also put some of their own experience to do a summary to you, hope to your high school life some help.

To go to high school, the family should not be so strict, all of a sudden contact with a lot of new things, students are all places, the vision has become broad, and immediately become change their minds. In fact, in high school is not tantamount to indulgence, no restraint, on the contrary, this is a new life, the beginning of the journey, you have stood in a new game on the starting line, this is a very cruel from the beginning of the game. There will be a lot of temptation along the way, and you have to learn to refuse the temptation, you know, the mountains outside the Louwai Lou, outside the larger world waiting for you to explore. And people have to be in awe after all, to know what to do and what not to do, to learn self-management, self-restraint to learn to self-control, self-made, self-made, important things to say three times.

If you have a goal to have a dream, it is necessary to work hard, to do their own efforts. We have heard that 0.9 of the 365 times will be smaller, 1.1 of the 365 will be more and more large, a little progress every day, and eventually there will be a qualitative leap in quantity. Now a lot of ideas in society will be immediately rejected by parents, I would rather you can box out of thinking! To try more, to innovate more, to be young is to be different. Finally, you will find that your dream will speed up to you, because they like a firm, hard to their people, how can they let you wait so long? You do not give up your dream, dream will never abandon you!

In politics, it is impossible to exist independently because people have social attributes. I rely on my parents at home and my friends. A hero three help, these all explain the importance of friends, so make more friends. Jinzhuzhechi Howl, but also pay attention to the quality of friends, more choice of those mentor contacts. The heart of harm can not have, anti-human heart can not be, high school has been a small society, so talk to add caution, learn to speak. In a word, we should make good relationship with others, do more to help others, participate in class activities, cultivate their own character and enhance their personality charm.

Learning is not difficult at all, waiting for you 25 to see the 16-year-old learned things that is too simple, why so that, because you have mastered the law, skills, you will find that tossing and turning is so little things. So when you are learning to think more, more summary, more practice, more sharing, so you can comprehend by analogy, extrapolate. More reading, more optimistic about the book, read a good book, like to make a good friend. Reading can make people broaden their horizons, divergent thinking, knowledge is the cornerstone of your future success. Extension, our life is actually the case, you need to go to the heart of the experience of life, grasp the laws of nature and the true meaning of life.

Because of the importance of high school, so from the pressure of learning you will certainly come into contact with, the life of a freshman will be easier, but from the beginning of the sophomore you will find that there is not enough to do the exercise book, there are endless papers, you may be bored, this time you can rest, let your brain empty a small meeting, Talk to your classmates and release your stress. There are different students of the learning and receiving ability is not the same, maybe a test results than others, this time do not compare with others, to compare with their own portrait. Also often to their own study of the analysis and comparison, do not give yourself a lot of pressure. Sometimes the content of the classroom is too rich, a time can not digest, then wait until the late self-study hours to digest, do not affect the next lesson of the effect of the lectures. You can develop some hobbies and use these to relieve stress. In short, those negative emotions are digested or excreted as soon as possible, and constantly adjust their mentality to the best learning state.

High School is a person to establish a correct outlook on life, values, the world view of the place, is the first stage of life, the most important three years, must not waste time, white mournful young head empty, people no longer young, that in life the most beautiful when unbridled to bloom luster it!

A letter to our sisters

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