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There are more than 1000 well-known CMS manufacturers in the world, and their products have their own characteristics. It is very difficult to select a suitable CMS product from the vast sea of CMS products, there are even consultants in the world who help users select CMS products, such as CMS watch. One of the most basic principles about CMS product selection is that, if there is a simple, do not use complex functions, even if there are more complex functions. You need to note that there are three or five pages of websites and millions or tens of millions of websites in the world. Some CMS products are designed for large-scale websites. If your website is, like 95% of websites, it is just a medium-and small-sized content display place, and you should not consider those super CMS systems at all.

At the same time, some CMS supports or requires secondary development, such as almost all open-source CMS systems. Before applying these CMS systems, you must estimate your own capabilities and time, if you are a website designer and you design websites for a large number of customers, you should consider the famous open-source CMS systems. Their abundant functions and secondary development capabilities can make you handy, even if you need to spend months or half a year studying these flexible CMS systems.

If you are the website owner and want to design your own website, for example, if you are a business leader or a supervisor in this field, you certainly have no time to study open-source systems in a few months, your best choice is a simple and easy-to-use small commercial CMS system. They are inexpensive and have sufficient functions. The best thing is that you will know how to use them in about half a day.

If you are an operating website, like AOL or Sina, there is no doubt that you need a large CMS system with a price of up to 100,000 to several millions of dollars. Such a system has high performance and concurrent access traffic, stability, the efficiency of the background database and other aspects have very demanding requirements, we listed in the following large foreign commercial CMS system is prepared for this.

The following is a list of the world's most famous CMS products and vendors. This list is based on foreign, domestic, open-source, and commercial CMS systems, and on a scale, these data sources include CMS watch, Open Source CMS, CMS matrix, and other media or websites.

Open-source portal CMS

  • Xoops
  • Plone
  • Joomla!
  • Drupal
  • Zope
  • CMS Made Simple
  • Modx
  • Mambo
  • PHP Nuke

Open-source Blog CMS

  • Word Press

Open-source wiki CMS

  • Mediawiki

Foreign large-scale commercial CMS

  • Vignette Content Management (USA)
  • EMC Documentum (USA)
  • IBM Workplace wcm (USA)
  • Reddot CMS (Germany)
  • Interwoven ECM (USA)
  • Oracle stellent web content management (USA)

Foreign heavyweight commercial CMS

  • Tridion r5.2 (Netherlands)
  • Coremedia CMS 2006 (Germany)
  • Fatwire Content Server (USA)
  • Percussion rhythmyx (USA)
  • Day software communique (Switzerland)
  • Mediasurface Morello (UK)

Foreign lightweight commercial CMS

  • Microsoft SharePoint (USA)
  • Sitecore Content Manager (Denmark)
  • Escenic (Norway)
  • Collage (USA)
  • Commonspot Content Server (USA)
  • Ingeniux Content Management System (USA)
  • Cms400.net (USA)
  • E-spirit firstspirit (Germany)
  • Hot banana Web Content Management Suite (Canada)
  • Episerver (Sweden)
  • Refresh software Sr2 (USA)
  • Goss ICM (UK)
  • Hannon Hill casecade server (USA)
  • Immediacy (UK)
  • Terminal Four site manager (Ireland)
  • Enonic vertical site (Norway)
  • Synkron via (Denmark)

Commercial and open-source CMS in China

  • Turbocms
  • Mobile Content Management System
  • Empire website management system (ecms)
  • Supesite Community Portal System
  • Comsharp CMS-ruishang enterprise CMS
  • Phpcms website management system
  • Dedecms zhimeng website management system (Open Source)
  • Verycms Content Management System
  • Joekoe CMS
  • Jianfei website management system
  • Siteserver CMS website management system
  • . Net News
  • Hongbo Content Management System


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