A little bug in the trash.

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When I throw a piece of waste paper into the trash, I call out a lot of bugs, a little bit disgusting. Garbage bin is usually some waste paper, how can have worms, look intently, there is a Sheng fan and solidified a large oil soup carton, cartons There are many not fly out of the small insects. The Trash bin was originally my station, in order to facilitate everyone, just put to everyone convenient area, why, in addition to I have no one to maintain it, since do not maintain why they use it again.

The above garbage bin in the small insect incident reminds me of the surrounding map cheap do not pay people, it is these people let our environment by the pollution damage, so that the people who have to pay maintenance is no longer for the surrounding to provide convenience.

Not Lei Feng Less, is the parasite too much.

A little bug in the trash.

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