A little experience in the project process

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First, to practice more. Reading there are about 2, the first is to get started. The second is the deep learning, a lot of knowledge and API difficult to explore, after all, not their own invented language and platform, to learn others have provided the platform and knowledge. But the light reading is not good, mainly has the following defects:

1) The Thing (code) is simple, you can not do it is equal to zero, only the envy of the part. There is no decent thing to come out of neither convincing people, nor self-guilty.
2) also can not take out their core products to make money. There are many ideas in the mind, and even a general idea, but there is nothing to get.
3) in the actual development of the same will encounter a lot of problems, first-hand development experience is not the book can teach you, other people's experience tells you you do not understand, so-called understand is also half understand. Again such as the book said how to define the class, how to instantiate, it is the most superficial knowledge, encounter real projects, how to use the class organization and management so many functions, is definitely a big problem.
4) The book will not give you a beautiful example, the interface is extremely beautiful (through this 360 of the interface development experience), the function is extremely powerful. The author of the book may not be able to do it.
5) I have read Levi's book several times, still do not understand the core context of VCL. Then I spent a few months of my spare time carefully study the VCL source code, found Levi's book A look on the understanding, and left many new questions, are not mentioned by Levi. It seems that reading is assisted, to me as the main.

Second, the new technology is indeed equal to all, and experienced people are at best grasping a little faster. Instead of saying what thoughts follow, that's useless. For example, there are countless details in FMX, so you need to know carefully to really program and make useful things. Thought follow this thing, nor is it right. However, given the details of the programming time (many times it is not easy to check the manual), so in fact, the majority of the wrong.

Thirdly, through this project, the Division and management of class level, as well as the construction of classes, have a lot of experience. Later to revise this blog to talk about their own experience.

A little experience in the project process

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