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A few days ago, I saw a metaphor about agility.

If you like hiking and camping, you should know that every time you go out, there will be a lot of things, such as tents, sleeping bags, flashwires, water, things, and compass. Usually there will be a full package. These things are usually used, especially when unexpected situations are encountered, it can be said that the preparation is very necessary. However, these things also bring about a burden. The more things you bring, the more load you carry, the more physical energy consumption, and the slower you walk. For experienced people, he will take some items from his bag based on experience to reduce the weight of the bag, so as to speed up the pace of travel and save more physical strength. However, these things are not random. In areas with rich water sources, you may not need to bring too much water. In areas with suitable temperature, you are not allowed to bring too thick tents. This not only ensures that useful items are included, but also reduces the burden.

Agility is like moving forward, removing things that are of little help to you, replacing the functions of these things with your experience and capabilities, reducing the burden on you, and moving forward with ease. For people with little experience, you need to be cautious. It is very likely that what you take is exactly what you need. Do not look at what others do, but make adjustments according to your own situation.

TDD, CI, PP, and standup are still not used. The number of documents to be written should be the same. The architecture should not be done first, but should be detailed. You should choose your own plan based on your own situation. Never let everyone go, do not give up before trying. If you can adjust it at any time based on your own situation, always pay attention to value and avoid waste, even if you don't need agile practices such as TDD and CI, your heart will actually be agile.

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