A method of using neutral grey layer in post-revision of Photoshop

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This is a technical article, we mainly discuss the "fill" in the effect of the application, the use of this technique can greatly change the effect of your image.

He can apply to people, landscapes, and other places that have a significant effect on shadows and lighting.

Open Photoshop Select a character image, click "Edit > Fill" and you open the tool that we're going to talk about today, which is a very easy to use tool because it only needs to be set up simply.

Filler tools can be a good interpretation of your grasp of the photos, we are in the production of some effects, often to consider the core problem is the shadow and light, which is also PS forever unchanged theme,

And the filler tool will be able to master this volume, so that the image more artistic sense.

In many works, we find some problems, in order to make some images of the hierarchy, the use of some destructive methods, but often the effect is not obvious, but the use of fill methods to avoid destructive operations.

The method of filling is to make these effects on a new layer, rather than destroying the resolution of your original image and, more important, not destroying your historical operations, no matter how many steps you've been working on,

It can all be well preserved.

So how to use it, I'll explain below. Non-destructive padding

Create a new layer on the People image, select Edit > Fill, and you will see the dialog shown in the following image.

Use "50% Gray" here, change the blending mode to "overlay", you will not destroy the original layer of pixels, but still can get the effect you want.

The next thing you need to do is to set the blending mode of the fill layer to "overlay" or "soft light", and the two blending modes work the same way, but the soft light is more able to add to the display.

When you change the blending mode you will find that the gray is completely gone, you can now see your effect, and the fill of gray does not exist at all, when the 50% Gray fill is now a neutral display.

Now you can see that the shadows and the lights have been improved and the contrast between the characters is clearer, and I'm giving you a little more to do with the padding.

Settings for padding

In order to make the shadow or light contrast more prominent, to achieve the strong effect we need, then the "Dodge/Deepen tool" is essential here. And the settings here are generally not set very high,

The range is generally selected "midtones", if it is the shadow of the characters and light, I choose the exposure of the general 9-12% between.

By using this Dodge/Burn tool, the shadows and bright spots are applied to deepen the contrast between the two displays, and you will find that the results are wonderful and save a lot of time than other methods.

And the effect does have a lot of benefits.

Here's a look at the comparison of the effects made using the Fill method

  Tutorial before and after comparison:

    • PS Image Processing
    • PS Post-processing tutorial
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