A method of vulnerability finding in Internet network management software

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1, a new file, such as Aa.reg, the contents of the document are as follows





"DisableRegistryTools" =dword:00000000

Then double-click the file to add this information to the registry. This way, the Registry Editor is available. In fact, by modifying the registry you can use all the resources under Windows, but for the average user is more difficult, so here are some simpler ways.

2, download winrar from the Internet, install this software to e disk, click Run after Setup completes, select Change Drive in WinRAR's main menu, and then enter C: This will enter the system disk (you can also download opera browser and other programs to run, in the Address bar to enter C: To enter the system disk).

Then we go to the C:windowssystem directory, find the "Show Desktop. SCF" This file and run, when the entire desktop will return to the original Windows desktop, click the right mouse button and "Properties", you can go to the Display Properties panel, Here we can easily modify the display resolution and refresh rate.

By the way, when you change the monitor, the mouse will stop at a certain location can not move, most likely because of the Internet bar management software reasons. But it doesn't matter, you can use the TAB key to perform normal operation, the final adjustment is complete, the mouse will return to normal state.

3, in just the state, find the C:windowssystem directory under the Inetcpl.cpp file and renamed to Inetcpl.cpl, so that you can run the Internet in IE browser options. In just the state, find the C:programfilescommonfilesmicrosoftsharedmsinfo directory under the Msinfo32.exe file double-click Run, this is the windows of the System Information program.

Click on the Tools menu of the System Configuration Utility, will run this gadget, where you can modify the system's starting files and configuration files, you can also prohibit some startup programs run, and even you can cancel the operation of Internet Bar management software. In the view main menu of the tool, you can also run the Control Panel and use all the features in the Control Panel.

4, when you click the download file in IE, in the Save as the panel although not see C: System disk, but you can enter the C: File name, save the downloaded file. The next time you download the file, you will see the C: System disk. Of course, the following work you will be free to operate.

5, click a file that has no association, will pop up the file open way, click Other options, then will pop open the file panel, in the filename input C:, also can enter the system disk.

6, access to the directory of Internet Café management software, running Uninstall.exe, you can delete the Internet Café management software Most of the files, the next time the machine restarts, this software will be deleted.

The last little thing to say is that if you still think the above steps to operate cumbersome, give you the simplest way to lazy people, that is, from the Internet to download such as Windows modification tools such as software installation to the E disk and run, you can according to their own needs for internet network management software changes.

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