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When we call the stored procedure of SQL Server in ASP, if we use the Adodb. Command object, we usually use the following code:
Dim cmd, rs
Set cmd = Server. CreateObject ("ADODB. Command ")
Cmd. ActiveConnection = conn
Cmd. CommandType = adCmdStoredProc
Cmd. CommandText = "TestProc"
Cmd. Parameters. Append cmd. CreateParameter ("@ a", adInteger, adParamInput, 4, 1)
Cmd. Parameters. Append cmd. CreateParameter ("@ B", adVarChar, adParamInput, 50, 'B ')
Set rs = cmd. Execute
Today, when I debug a program, I found that the ASP page prompts that a parameter is not assigned a value, but what I did not actually assign a value is another parameter.
So I opened the event inspector of SQL Server and executed the program again to capture the SQL statements actually sent to SQL Server by ASP as follows:
Execute TestProc 1, 'B ',....
The reason is obvious now that the ADO engine does not translate the call to the stored procedure into a complete syntax, but uses the abbreviated method above. In this way, when a parameter in the middle is lost, it is possible that another parameter is missing due to misplacement.
Then I checked the properties of the Command object and added the following sentence:
Cmd. NamedParameters = true
That is to say, to specify the form of variables to be explicitly named, and then execute one program, it is found that the statements captured in the event inspector are changed:
Exec TestProc @ a = 1, @ B = 'B ',...
The error message is correct.

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