A partial summary of HTML5

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1. HTML5 enhances the web's performance, supports Web multimedia, provides canvas canvas, three-dimensional, graphics and effects, supports semantic tags, new form tags, and adds offline local storage.
2. Currently supports HTML5 browser: Safari, Chrome, Firefox, opera, Internet Explorer9 (some HTML5 features are supported).
3, <video> elements support three video formats: MP4, WEBM, Ogg.
4, SVG advantage: can be edited through a text editor, readable image text information, high-quality printing, image lossless amplification.
5, drag and drop: Drag and drop is a common feature, that is, to drag one content to another location, you need to use JavaScript control, HTML5 any element can be dragged and dropped.
6, semantic Tags: html tag semantics, that is, the meaning of HTML tags, can let developers intuitively read tags, search engine-friendly
7. Local storage can store data on the client. Localstorage There is no time limit for data.
8, HTML5 geographical positioning: generally based on broadband network positioning, not accurate, equipped with GPS equipment, higher accuracy.
9, HTML5 application cache, what is the cache: the data that often needs to be accessed, in memory or on the local disk, the advantages of applying the cache: Offline browsing, in the absence of the network in the case of the use; efficiency, cached
The resources are loaded faster, the server load is reduced, and the browser downloads only the updated resources.
10, crawler: refers to the network on the search for a technology.
11, header Use note: Can be a Web page or any section of the head part, there is no number limit.

A partial summary of HTML5

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