A Preliminary Study on the Implementation of SAP NetWeaver: The difference between SAP NetWeaver and traditional sap Products

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Today, SAP NetWeaver is a platform technology that has gradually become familiar to the industry, and there are more enterprises that have implemented or are implementing this platform in China. In my opinion, SAP's NetWeaver platform is indeed quite different from traditional products (such as R/3 and CRM and APO) in implementation:
1. NetWeaver focuses more on Technology
Although sap is focusing on the preset business content in its NetWeaver platform, I still believe that the NetWeaver platform is essentially a technical platform compared with the SAP Business System. In addition, those who have participated in sap r/3 (mysap ERP later) or other SAP product package implementation may be aware that, SAP systems usually emphasize business process sorting and matching with system processes. However, during SAP NetWeaver implementation, we focus more on technical details, such as integrating adapter settings in Xi and designing data clearing rules in MDM.
2. NetWeaver has a shorter implementation cycle.
From application layer to integration to data arrangement to analysis ...... Although SAP NetWeaver is all-encompassing, if you exclude NetWeaver implementation that is synchronized with ERP or CRM systems, generally, a specific independent NetWeaver project only considers one of the components, such as MDM or XI, during implementation. As a result, unlike traditional SAP projects that often have a half-year or even one to two-year implementation cycle, the NetWeaver project has always ended the battle within a few weeks (from the global sap case, even some foreign global enterprise giants are doing this when implementing NetWeaver ).

(This article first in Xu Kun blog http://blog.xukun.com, welcome to post, but please indicate the source, thank you !)
3. NetWeaver's technology is updated faster
As a comprehensive integration platform, NetWeaver naturally needs to keep up with the pace of technology development in the IT industry. Therefore, we can see that the emerging speed of new tools and methods related to analysis tools, integration methods, and data integration is almost overwhelming. In fact, this also puts a higher requirement on our implementers, that is, we must be good at mastering and applying the latest technologies so that we can get twice the result with half the effort in the project implementation process.

4. NetWeaver has higher requirements on implementers to some extent
In addition to the technical update pressure mentioned above, NetWeaver has higher business requirements for related personnel in implementation, or even higher than traditional sap products. Most enterprises use the SAP NetWeaver platform instead of simply using it for simple technical tasks, the built-in business content in this platform, especially the natural fusion between it and other management information systems, may be more critical. Instead, we should make good use of NetWeaver's business content and truly integrate this platform into specific business processes. Relevant implementers should not only understand the technology, but also have a deep understanding of the related business of the enterprise.
In summary, we can see that the implementation of the SAP NetWeaver platform poses new challenges to us. I will discuss these challenges in more depth in the following articles.
(Note: This article only represents my personal point of view. If you have any mistakes, I hope you will forgive me)

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