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a graphic view of social electrical business page design:

The Electronic Business page UI design often appears the channel has: homepage, buys, the brand special sale, the special event, the talent and so on. Love to browse the existing page, is also in accordance with this layout design. If you look at the visual flow of the page to compare to our shopping mall shopping route, which is similar to the concept of "floor", different floors operating "brand area" "Discount area" "Food area" and so on. This kind of design's navigation classification is obvious, the page layout is clear, the user carries on the direction sense the visual movement line guidance, can display the commodity chart well and carries on the purposeful active search. The word "thousand people thousand Faces" that Taobao throws last year is certainly not unfamiliar, thousand people face the concept of simple point is to search according to the user left the trajectory, push to meet the different needs of each person's products, this personalized search can be based on user preferences, more flexible push products. Taobao and the new version of the Cat, love Amoy and other social sectors also accounted for a large proportion, these functions are mainly to allow users to actively focus on some shops and brands, so the first time on the home page to show the dynamic of these brands. These increase in the design of social relations, are around the "quasi, fast" push to send goods.

The old version of love to stroll like the above content, according to the existing model of most of the electronic business site design. But like traditional shopping, users not only need to find goods in the mall, the impact of the final order of the factors are many, such as:

Need compare

Missed discount time

After the purchase of the target, by the number of customers in the shop, the boss's attitude and other interference

Hesitate to shop alone, ask a friend

It can be seen that in the continuous improvement of the "faster to find the goods needed" this early stage of the problem, there is a later important issues need to design, that is-"how to make the goods faster orders." So, is the swelling making the user order faster? Right away! Can we design some content to affect the user? In response to this goal, the product, the research, interactive, visual, and refactoring of the small partners have been discussed many times. Product display, channel, product Details page, the next purchase page, these pages are like all the instructions in the mall system and merchandise. And the people in the Mall, together with friends, the boss of the shouting, customer response to these stealth factors. Is that we need to design a social relationship point, because love to visit originally attached to the Qzone platform, there are social networking site DNA, in the whole process of threading a lot of play.

We followed this line of thought to a group of research users, and found some breakthroughs to try:

Users focus on the following order: (1) Discounts on Special (2) New product release (3) Brand merchandise; (4) Friend recommendation

Users often want to share the goods they buy, while 41.9% of users will accept their friends ' recommendations

The purpose of sharing is: discount information, recommending, asking for advice, drying orders, collage

The share of objects is: Girlfriends 54.2%, colleagues, with fans, classmates, the other half

Users to share the voice so urgent, how can we ignore, to allow users in the virtual world, can also find a companion shopping feeling ~ ~ ~

Second, the three-dimensional social power of the Web page design:

After adding a social link to the page, we found that the entire site was a three-dimensional social-electrical business thinking from the plane. The approximate relationship is shown in the following figure. At this time we can be in with friends related to the point of design, so that evaluation, like and so on factors, flexible on the various channels of the product impact:

Give a few examples:

1. Tag, enrich the user information base content.

When you first log in, let the user label yourself, such as the brand, style, and location of your concern.

Let users with friend relationships tag each other.

Brand Design labels for users to choose from.

Design a different style of cartoon image, similar to QQ show let users choose, so as to understand user preferences.

2. Discount new product information from the website to push the single discount information, into the spread between users.

When operating a discount activity, you can set a timer reminder by focusing on the button to avoid missing the discount time.

Users are encouraged to share after discounting activities.

When you receive a discount from a friend push, create a friend reminder.

In the brand information display area, design friends have been concerned about the brand discount.

Try a new form of group buying, let users to pull friends to buy postage, explore the relationship between acquaintances.

3. To establish a more efficient friend interaction channels, to break the electrical business "a person shopping" form.

Instant display of merchandise popularity, as well as friend comments.

Top like the largest number of products, timely become group buy and inform users.

Friends like and collection for the axis, display merchandise, from the simple product display page, into a commodity display community.

Design coupons and bonus modules to increase coupon circulation.

Design recommendations and staff quick buttons to make the interaction easier.

The purpose of these three ideas is: To quickly understand the user, the discount and other information, from the single operation of the site into the operation of the user, the dealer of strangers to buy and sell relationships to transform the relationship between mature people, increase the interaction between shopping. The summary is: breaking users in the site of the simple 1. Browse Product 2. To the experience of shopping, to create a circle for users, you can quickly see the good friends of the commodity evaluation, thus forming a person to buy more than a reference to the form, so that the internet shopping more interesting.

Based on this idea, we tried a few social relationships in the new edition of Love-shopping:

This edition synthesizes the idea of product and Design group, have carried on some design point exploration to the idea after the above brain burst. How to weave the social network of the electric quotient website more perfectly, make the flat design way become multi-dimensional comprehensive commodity display method, still need everybody experience after more ideas!

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