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In fact, the SEO spell is the data, also called the fight is the resources. Yesterday I chatted with a seoer who had been a year, he said he did not establish any resources, this makes me feel very unprofessional, personally feel that a long-term seo people want to build and accumulate some resources, convenient for us in the process of doing the site in the future than others more advantages, accelerate our ranking, Thus in the shortest time to win in the search engine. Because this is not a ones era, but a fast fish to eat the era of slow fish, so do keyword ranking is also fast. For example, the Mid-Autumn Festival you have to do a wholesale such word up, this you have to prepare early. With the shortest possible time to do the most efficient, otherwise the opportunity to do up on the useless, in this assault ranking when resources are particularly important. Of course, we are doing a new station is the same, if you can have a lot of resources, of course, you can also make your ranking less, since resources for us so important, then a professional seoer in the end what kind of resources to build?


First of all, blog resources, blog Resources is an accumulation of resources, in doing long-term resources we must do to accumulate resources. Otherwise it is useless, such as classified information, ranking fast, included fast, come fast, and can not accumulate, because people can only let your information in its platform for such a long time. But the blog is not the same, as long as you one weeks update maintenance, basically will not take you too much time. And this weight can also accumulate, that is, the longer your blog exists, the higher your weight can be. I often see some friends of Sina blog to do PR3, and even PR4. By the way here to recommend light blog, now light blog is also very hot, in the ability to include the ranking is quite good, we can go to do a few, general words to do 10 different types of blog on it, the author is doing so.

The second is the Forum personality signature outside the chain, may be a lot of people feel that the forum signature for the promotion of the ranking role has been small, according to the author of the experiment, is still a role. The main possibility is that the way you do it may not be quite right, maybe everyone in the Forum personality signature Place to keep a variety of keywords, such as can sign a few names, you will write what Dongguan seo, Dongguan pump, Dongguan fan, etc., these are not related to the keyword appears in the personality signature. In this way, the weight of the personality signature because it is not related to export too much, will result in weight further dispersed, the original is not a little more than the micro-call its micro, I see this has done a good, guided, such as SEO blog, a pure original blog. In a certain SEO blog plus links, a pure original blog is a guide language, because people like to see the original content, there is a point is that others may want to copy your article, so in these two kinds of demand, they will come to your site, one is to promote your site, and then increase your personality signature link active degree, The link weight has a lot to do with the active degree. To say a few more words here, also popularize common sense, the forum personality signature outside the chain is feasible, at least also can play the effect of fast spider, and this is also a very rare accumulation of the outside chain, as long as you have the right to sign in this forum, then you can use the future, Because most of the forums to get signatures still have to have certain requirements and restrictions, so if we can get this kind of resources in the early that is also quite good for us, we also recommend that you must get at least 6-10 of the forum signing permissions.

What's more, classified information and business-to-business information websites, these two types of information sites are not mainly to do outside the chain, at least not for the main outside the chain, because there is a big constraint is not long-term accumulation, as long as we can not accumulate long-term, we can not do to establish their own long-term resources. So what is this kind of information for? For promotion, what are the requirements for such information? This kind of information platform must be included fast, high weight, strong ranking ability. Why do you want to do this? Because now general business-to-business and classified information in the station traffic is very limited, such as Alibaba such a large company currently has major search engines to buy traffic. So the general Small classification information and business-to-business platform is not to mention, so rely on search engines to obtain traffic is necessary. So to be included fast, ranking ability, of course, can also be convenient to do a little outside the chain, even the bare chain to the site's weight promotion is also good, Baidu's engineer Lee has clearly stated that we have to do is real-time grasp which platform included fast, which platform weight high. Because of the vagaries of Baidu, today you this site included fast, may not be tomorrow, so grasp which is the fastest is also a resource, and is the site of the early promotion of indispensable resources, we should pay attention to.

The last is the most important network resources, network resources is the most important of all resources. For example, you have a few hardcore friends, you do the station, you can let friends of the big stations, so you will quickly get the weight, or even ahead of time to pass Baidu Audit. For example, you have weak text friends, and sometimes in some news portals to publish a soft article. Can quickly bring you a large number of outside the chain, and the soft text can also play a promotion and brand promotion effect, if you have this network of contacts will undoubtedly help your site than competitors have an advantage. For example, you have a lot of loyal fans on Weibo, such as the Moonlight blog has more than 400,000 of fans, then you publish articles, sync to your microblog, there will be many people through your microblog to your site. Then this part of your site is also a user group, the future of the site and the site is the competition between the user groups. So different network resources have different effects, we in order to find the benefit of our site, we have to make a variety of people of the same type, this will be invisible to our site has a lot of help.

In fact, in the accumulation of resources I would like to certainly have each recruit, but for some novice friends must develop the key to the accumulation of resources, I have listed just a few more common. More accumulation of resources in the way I hope everyone eight Immortals crossing, recount. Because today's all walks of life is to win tomorrow's victory. article content by Trawa Water Pump http://www.taiquanshuibeng.com/original share, one is to those who do not know this aspect of the friend some reminders, and secondly is also hope for do not know how to accumulate resources of friends some reference, hope to the general seoer some help, thank you.

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