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At 06:30, I was woken up by the sound of the construction on the opposite site. Look at the table and go to bed again;
Wake up at 06:50, watch the table again, and then go to bed;
An alarm is triggered and reported at A.M. Don't wake up, sleep for another 5 minutes ......
Wake up at 07:15. Turning the edge, alas, get up .......
I got up at 07:20. One side calls the tiger on the opposite bed: "It's time to get up! it's time to get up !"
"What? Am? # @ $ % *......"
At 07:25, the bathroom was filled with a cold water bath. Awake a lot.
At 07:30, I ran downstairs for breakfast. The wind is everywhere.
At 07:35, the shuttle bus started to depart. Listening to the radio station "good morning, Beijing", my colleagues said and laughed.
Some read newspapers, some eat breakfast, and some go to bed.
I sat at the beginning, took out wenquxing, and pretended to remember a few words.
08:20 shuttle bus to the unit downstairs. Etc. Enter the company and swipe your card.
Smile at the company's front-end girl and say early.
At 08:25, a cup of water was filled with a big tea pot.
Turn on the monitor and check whether the test program that runs when you leave last night is normal. Analyze the test results.
Close the lab program at 08:30. Internet access.
Open N windows to view emails, homepage message boards, homepage counters,
View the IP address of the visitor on the home page, view Sina News, return emails, and reply ......
All transactions are handled within 15 minutes.
Close the browser at 08:45. Open super resolution, select "go home", "Jasmine", and "miracle"
And then select Loop playback. Put on your earphones. Start to write the program.
Write the program:
A. Get up and fetch water N times;
B. During program debugging, Windows will be completely shut down N x N times, and the RESET and POWER on the machine will all be used N times.
Unplug the power plug and plug it in and restart it N times;
C. Explain the technical issues several times to the novice in Mandarin;
D. He and his fellow villagers talked about technical issues several times in the Changsha dialect (known as the bird language by Beijing colleagues;
At, my stomach began to rebel. Drink milk.
Go to the staff restaurant downstairs. There are a lot of beautiful MM in the restaurant.
Unfortunately, the delicious food is not proportional to the beauty of MM, and it is hard to eat.
Return to the company at 12 o'clock. Internet access. Repeat the action:
Open N windows to view emails and homepage message boards ......
Noon break
1: 30 wake up. Wash your face. Write a program. Repeat the 8: 45 action ......
05:30. My colleagues took the shuttle bus and started to leave.
Open the program at 06:50 and let it test automatically. Turn off the monitor. Eat with tigers.
I found a restaurant I have never eaten. Click "one", "one", and "one.
Just like all the restaurants in Beijing: serving food is not only extremely slow, but also hard to eat.
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