A questionnaire survey of C language

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  1. What are your plans for your future? What preparations have been made?
  2. What do you think is learning? What's the use of learning? What is the motivation for learning now? Why?
  3. Do you feel like you're doing something more successful? What's your experience?
  4. What do you think of software engineering as a major? What kind of expectations do you have for yourself in studying this profession?
  5. How do you learn C language? (Homework, experiment, textbook, others), so far estimate how many lines of code have you written?
  6. What are the experiences and lessons of C language learning?
  7. In addition to the exams and experiments, where did the programming help you?

1, I am learning program design, then first of all I have to have a goal in mind is that my future work is it, then I should learn more about it knowledge, learn the essence of several doors to the society can use the language.

2, all said that learning is no end, the use of learning is to enrich themselves at the same time also to meet the needs of society to make the best possible to play their own, then the motivation to study, the first must have the goal of faith, no goal of the efforts are futile, we are it people so we have a hint in the heart of their own, I wish I could be a man like Steve Jobs, even though we know we may not be able to, but we can go from here to demand motivation.

3, do not have the success, but I have realized a learning principle, that is, from the process of learning to explore the skills of learning.
4, Software engineering This major first of all it is a promising career, but also difficult to do a career, it is a time to maintain a learning attitude of the profession, stagnation will only out

5 Learn C language can go to the forum to find some of the topics of their own slowly to the scrutiny, encountered difficulties can be published on the Internet of their doubts, all said the internet is a magical world, is not it

6, C language is a very careful language, not a bit sloppy, this is why each programmer first need to pass the threshold.

7, programming can make people become more rational, more thoughtful

A questionnaire survey of C language

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