A quick way to whiten seven kinds of characters of PS

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The following will be a very detailed description of the various whitening methods, and some may be rarely seen. Very practical.

Tutorial Artwork

Final effect

  First, go color plus layer mode method.

1, open the original material, the background layer to copy a layer.

2, press CTRL + Shift + U to color.

3. Change the layer blending mode to "filter Color" and finish.


Second, the passage whitening method.

1, open the original material.

2, press CTRL + ALT + ~ Pull up the high light selection, create a new layer, fill the white, complete.

  Third, the mask whitening.

1, open the original material, double-click Unlock.

2, create a new layer fill white, pull the white layer to the bottom of the layer.

3, select the picture layer, execute: layer > Add layer Mask > Show all.

4, hold down the ALT key to add a layer mask, press CTRL + V paste.

5, Execution: image > Adjustment > Reverse phase, click on the Mask eye, complete.

  Four, lab color method.

1, open the material picture, press CTRL + A curve, press CTRL + C copy.

2, create a new document, press CTRL + V paste.

3, select menu: Image > Mode > Lab color.

4, switch to the channel panel, delete a channel.

5, back to the level board. Select menu: Image > Mode > Grayscale.

6, the gray picture dragged to the beginning of the picture file, layer blending mode to "filter", completed.

  V. Diffusion of light Law.

1, open the material picture, the background color set to white.

2. Press CTRL + ALT + + to pull up the high light selection.

3. Execution: Filter > Twist > Diffuse light, Numerical value: particle: 0, luminous Quantity: Custom, elimination quantity: 0, complete.

  Six, the illumination effect method.

1, open the original image, copy a layer.

2, the implementation: Filters > Rendering > Lighting effects, Lighting type: Full light, color set to white, as shown below.

3. Change the layer mode of illumination layer to "soft light" and finish.

  Seven, image adjustment named whitening.

1, open the original material.

2, respectively create curves, hue/saturation, color levels and color balance adjustment layer, the parameters are set as follows, determined after completion.

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