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The American tech blog BusinessInsider The 13 improvements that Microsoft should make in Windows 8 upgraded Windows blue, including starting desktop mode on laptops and normal desktops, resuming the Start button, and so on. The following is the content of the article.

This June, Microsoft will launch Windows 8 upgrade version of Windows Blue. With this important upgrade, Microsoft hopes to fix some of the puzzling problems that exist in Windows 8 of its touch-controlled operating system.

The existing version of Windows 8 does have a lot of problems, and many people criticize the operating system as difficult to learn. Many reports show that the initial demand for new Windows 8 devices is not large, including Microsoft's own Surface Tablet PC.

However, Microsoft still has the opportunity to change this situation, just like the introduction of Windows 7 change Vista version of Windows operating system is not recognized by the market situation.

To do this, Microsoft needs to address many of the important, sometimes even fundamental, issues of Windows 8 itself.

1. Start desktop mode on both the laptop and the normal desktop

Windows 8 should be able to detect whether the device that is running is a tablet with a touchscreen or a laptop or desktop without a touch screen. If the device does not have a touchscreen, Windows 8 should be able to default into desktop mode that looks like Windows 7.

In addition, Windows 8 should also allow users to choose the default boot mode, choose Windows 8 (Start screen), or choose Desktop Mode (Windows 7).

2. Resume Start button

Why does Microsoft not cater to the needs of users?

Essentially, Windows 8 Desktop mode is a high-speed version of Windows 7 without a Start button, but users are dissatisfied with the missing Start button in Windows 8. Why do I need users to learn again, like how to shut down the machine?

Of course, if Microsoft does not restore the Start button, users can also add the Start button through a Third-party tool such as classic Shell.

3. Adjustable Charm Bar

The Charm bar is a menu in Windows 8 that allows users to implement basic tasks for each application, such as search or sharing. The Charm bar slides from the right side of the screen to eject.

We want Microsoft to allow users to move the charm bar at will, or to keep it visible, and even put search, sharing, or other charms functions on the Start menu.

Put the Charms menu on the right side of the screen, which can cause Windows 8 to not be able to implement regular gesture operations, such as sliding open applications from two directions.

4. Better application Toggle gesture function

In some ways, Windows 8 should not be called windows at all. If users open several applications at the same time, it is difficult to switch between these applications.

To switch between open applications, the user must either slide each application one at a time or slide through the open Windows list for application switching.

It is reported that Windows Blue will improve the Snap feature, displaying more open windows, displaying up to four. However, the Snap feature requires a higher degree of customization in terms of the number of Windows displayed and the size of the window.

5. Better gesture function tips and training

Microsoft has a lot of gesture control features in Windows 8, but it doesn't provide an easy way to find these gestures.

Can you provide a gesture charm bar function to quickly show the user all the gesture control functions in an application? Or when more features or gestures are available, provide some kind of gesture message.

6. Put two IE into one

Windows 8 is deeply integrated with IE. Desktop mode is only run as an application of IE. Two IE are independent of each other and are unrelated. An open label in one browser is an open label in another browser. The same is true with bookmark functionality.

Microsoft should merge the two IE into one single application.

7. Improve Windows 8 applications

Like all of Microsoft's operating systems, Windows contains a number of applications, some of which are most useful from Windows 7, which can only run in desktop mode, such as snipping tools.

Windows 8 applications such as mail, Calendar, people, and maps were initially inconspicuous. This March, Microsoft has improved on these apps, but some apps like calendar are not as powerful or even as Microsoft's free cloud apps outlook.com.

8. Increase the number of Windows 8 applications

Windows App Store has more than 60,000 Windows 8 apps, which is pretty good for a six-month-long operating system, but the App store lacks some key applications, such as Facebook. The important thing is not the number of applications, but the user can find the application they want.

In short, we hope that the new version of Windows 8 will attract developers to develop more applications for the platform.

9. Provide touch-friendly file browser

Windows 8 does not provide a good way to find files.

Although the user can use the traditional file browser in Windows desktop mode, the file browser in this mode is not a touch-friendly browser.

I hope Microsoft can make the file browser a touch-friendly.

10. More convenient to close the application

Microsoft says users do not have to shut down applications in Windows 8 because they do not consume resources, and the operating system eventually shuts down applications for users.

However, Microsoft allows users to label all open apps to find the apps they want, or to see open apps using snap and other gesture features.

When the application is turned off, the user must pull out the application and wait for the application to change, but drag the application down to close the application.

We hope that Microsoft will be able to restore the small "X" button in the application, so that users can shut down the application in Windows 8 mode. Or add a charm bar feature, "Turn off application."

11. Better compatibility with third party browsers

If the user chooses a browser such as chrome as the default browser, Microsoft will not allow users to use IE, and chrome runs in Windows 8 is also very unstable.

Microsoft should let users choose the default browsers they want to use in Windows 8, and continue to keep IE running properly.

12. Put the date and time in the Start menu

The Start menu cannot view the date and time. The user must now slide the charms bar to view the clock.

Although users can add clock tiles in the form of Third-party Plug-ins, everyone wants to be able to add real clock capabilities on the screen.

It is reported that Windows Blue will include a new alarm clock application, which is a step in the right direction.

13. Let the Windows tablet computer price more affordable

Windows 8 will soon be compatible with smaller, cheaper tablets, such as a 7-inch tablet computer. In addition, Microsoft itself is also possible to launch a smaller size of the new Surface tablet computer.

Microsoft's Surface Tablet PC, especially the full PC version of Surface Pro, has been criticized for being too expensive.

Smaller, cheaper tablets that can still run desktop mode and Windows 7 software are likely to be favored by consumers.

Are these the same things you think about Windows 8.1 system features and feature optimizations? Microsoft will be sharing more information about Windows 8.1 in the coming weeks, and Microsoft will release the open preview version of Windows 8.1 at the build developer conference in San Francisco on June 26. Let's wait and see!

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