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Last year, April 17, I entered the post in Shenzhen Tencent. Remember the 10 days after the new training, the company arranged a lot of courses for us. I thought I learned on it, nothing can not grasp, can really enter the project team began to work but found that the real learning is still behind.

When the theory meets the reality, it often needs to undergo many bitter links to deduce the true theory which is suitable for itself.

I entered the wireless department of the first-level project, because I entered the focus of the project and feel very excited, I am also very eager to be able to do this project, with such a good look, everything began.

1th-The foundation of "collaboration"

I am an interactive designer, just into the project team when the first product manager and their own way of doing things very well, so I feel that everything is smooth. Soon after, however, the project team changed the product manager, and the new product manager was inconsistent with himself in many ways. To this end I asked many colleagues in the group, this inconsistency is not my question, the answer is not my problem. The answer gave me the courage to drive the product in the direction that everyone felt was right. Here, we can imagine what the result is that I can't change anything, but I was deeply hurt.

Grow one: Learn to keep in step with the "others", regardless of whether the pace is correct, because this is the basis of collaboration. The wrong pace can also be consistent if there are multiple steps in a project group that are truly the saddest. As for the correctness of the pace, there must be someone who knows better than you, someone will solve it.

2nd-See the direction

It didn't get any better, because other problems were exposed when the problem was solved. Slowly I found that our project group some block, a lot of information is not conveyed, even if the message is to leave a heart is changed the taste of information. Without a clear direction for an interactive designer, it's scary. In the fog of their own efforts to explore the following points I summed up the more effective solution:

Focus on the boss. For example, in the interactive design of a functional localization, the project team has been entangled in the rendering of the interface, for which there have been various versions of interaction. An occasional opportunity to learn from the leadership, in fact, the function of localization is more important to highlight the upload operation. There is no doubt that at last we modified the design again. The boss will give you the answer.

Active and other members of the group exchange information. To actively understand the product and operation of the future planning, development of the core competencies, this will be good for you to grasp the design direction. It may also give you an unexpected surprise. I have not read the start page design of a competition, until one day I found a colleague in the group before the competition products company, this puzzled me a long time the problem was solved.

The development of close pursuit of competition products. If you find that people around you appreciate a certain competition, you must start to focus on the development of competing products. This concern refers not only to interactive design but also to product development strategies. Because grasping the strategy can better guarantee us to copy and surpass our competition goods. In PK when your point of view is easier to be trusted by others, your thinking can be more profound. More importantly, you find that you know everyone better. It is a habit to chase the goods once a week.

Grasp the trend of industry development. Forward-looking thinking, a recruit of the enemy PK ... In fact, you have gone beyond your own responsibilities, no matter what you do will be handy.

The information you get in the project plus the above four points of your attention in fact, you already have your own sense of direction.

Grow two: Do not complain, in fact, you have the ability to rely on their own out of the fog. Don't treat others as your lifeline, have the courage to take it and try to influence others.

3rd-Design Promotion

Even if the above two, not enough, because the design is also a difficult to promote. A variety of strong people, all kinds of old fritters, there are wood!

The answer is a word, do not say you also understand. No matter too big pain time give everybody some face, efficiency harmony first. When it comes to overall design, be sure to push your design in a variety of ways. Here are some of the recommended ways:

Offline communication. Usually in the meeting when people are more accustomed to maintain their own ideas, and offline, such as eating time, but can calmly discuss the design. This time is a good time for the design to advance.

Retreat. As said, when it is irrelevant, a step back is actually for more important points in the fight for the chips. No one will refuse you all the time.

Take the lead by force. To believe that the boss of a design judgment is very accurate, when the boss can agree with your plan when in fact everything is resolved.

Borrow Force channel. This is the unique advantage of WSD, professional team to advance must have more advantages, more easily impress people.

Growth three: The evolution of all things in the world can not be separated from the "balance", in fact, the design push is the same truth. Let everything revolve around solving the core design pain points.


The last point I want to mention is to keep a good attitude. Do we often have such doubts? This is a very simple truth ah, why no one can understand?

In fact, this kind of problem is often happened, the reason is very simple, after all, you are trained, in your eyes is easy to understand things in fact others are not so easy to understand. Try simple language to describe, try to give a simple and understandable example, others may not be so hostile. No matter how good you used to be, no matter how perfect your previous experience, forget it, you and your comrades are at the same starting line.

Growth four: Always keep everything to zero mentality. In order to let others understand you better, let oneself more dissolve in the team.

Over the past year, there have been happiness, there have been tears, there has been depression. Fortunately in everyone's help smoothly through, looking back to the past, a lot of growth. Here's a 4-article summary commemorating the past year-the first year of my career.

Author: Simangelyu

Article Source: Tencent WSD Blog

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