A series of problems caused by the Chinese characters garbled by Mac ME Console

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first, Mac10.10.3 under the MyEclipse hack installation:
Here are the complete steps to be done, thanks for providing:

second, the problem appears webproject in the run when the Chinese garbled, not here.
This problem, on-line Baidu has many solutions including this:

But none of them solved my problem. No way can only download a tomcat, here is a flurry of fuss, download the latest tomcat8, but I do not support, but there is a tomcat7.
The download path is as follows (click to download) http://apache.dataguru.cn/tomcat/tomcat-7/v7.0.62/bin/apache-tomcat-7.0.62.zip

again, what's involved is setting the Tomcat environment variable
Or because of the lack of familiarity with the Mac caused a toss:
Open Terminal
Pico. Bash_profile
(If you don't have a touch, unlike. Profile,. Bash_profile refers to the environment variable for the current user)

Depending on your path, set it up.
CTRL + x save y OK enter exit
Change permissions
sudo chmod 755/bin/*.sh
sudo chmod 755/bin/*.bat
Of course, it's no problem changing to 777.

OK Tomcat started successfully

next, go ahead and configure me with the tomcat we downloaded.
However, this is not difficult, search for Tomcat in me preference, click tomcat7.x, select Copy Path

Finally, the key to a real problem solving

Finish the work and look at the results:

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A series of problems caused by the Chinese characters garbled by Mac ME Console

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