A sheet of paper to print multiple PowerPoint content in miniature

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Is it a waste of time to print a PowerPoint on a piece of paper, and the information is inconvenient to carry? This is with the author, let a sheet of paper print multiple PowerPoint content!

The day after tomorrow, my mother will be on the podium for the first time! For this reason, mom prepared for two weeks, and produced PowerPoint slide handouts.

This day, my mother said she wanted to print out the slides to facilitate the reading, printer mom will use, but the problem is that the mother produced a total of 96 pages of PPT, if a single printed words to use 96 pieces of paper! 48 sheets of paper, even if printed on both sides! This is both wasteful and inconvenient to carry.

By studying the printing options of PowerPoint, I found that a sheet of paper can print multiple slides by setting the printing options by selecting the Print Preview menu item on the PowerPoint menu and selecting handouts (6 slides per page) in the Print Content Drop-down list. The page can be selected as portrait (Figure 1, 2).

Figure 1 Selecting a Print Preview menu item

Figure 2 Selecting Portrait printing

Print the word larger, and then click the "Print ..." button on the toolbar to point to the pop-up dialog box (Figure 3),

Figure 3 Selecting the number of slides to print per page

You can start printing now. In this way, 96 slides to print out only 16 pieces of paper, if the two-sided printing will only use 8 pieces of paper! Save a lot of paper, carry up is also more convenient. Mother, I wish you a successful lecture!

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