A simple method of making mathematical graphic stereo rectangles in PowerPoint2013

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When making a stereo rectangle in PowerPoint2013, it is very difficult to draw directly with the method of inserting the shape. Three-dimensional rectangles are the most common when making mathematical graphics. Is there no other way to draw? In fact, the following examples for you to introduce the specific drawing process, novice friends do not miss.

Brief overview

Draw the rectangle first, and hold down the SHIFT key to draw the square. Then set the shape effect, with shadow, image, glow, soft edges, bevel, and three-dimensional rotation to choose from, this example selects three-dimensional rotation, sets the rotation angle of the lower x, y, and Z axes, modifies the depth to 250 points, and sets the color of the surface chart. Close the pane and set the finish.

Steps are as follows

Start PowerPoint2013, first, we draw a rectangle, click the menu bar-insert-shape, select the rectangle, hold down the SHIFT key to draw the square.

When you're done, select, click the shape Effects option on the Format tab, and from the Drop-down menu you can see presets, shadows, images, glows, soft edges, bevel and three-dimensional rotations, and click Three-dimensional rotation.

After clicking on the default style, we continue to click on the bottom three-dimensional rotation option.

The right side pops up the shape formatting pane, setting the rotation angle of the x, y, and Z axes. Here, the small series gives a set of data for reference only: x:213.3°,y:16.4°,z:0.2°

Then pull down the scroll bar, modify the depth size to 250 points, and set the color of the surface chart.

Close the pane and set it to complete, as shown in the cube effect:

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