A simple PS technique for fading colors?

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Just create a new image:

Then use the gradient tool to randomly select two similar colors:

Then pull out a picture that doesn't look like it:

Then turn on the Gaussian blur and direct the radius to the maximum:

Then press CTRL+F until you feel so tired, wrong, is to see a wink.

Finally, casually dozen words, complete.

0 basis, enough to be free ...

PS: To this step to find the wrong color selection? It doesn't matter, we press Ctrl+u to exhale hue/saturation, and then drag on until you get the effect you want.

I named it the "three-point color Dyeing Workshop" method.

Color Advanced Version

First determine the theme, find a more consistent color, and then go to the gradient option to add color:

Then use the straw to change the other side to the same color:

Click on the color, according to the kindergarten study of red, orange, green, cyan and purple to move the color of colors on a color belt.

To be without ambiguity:

Then casually add a graphic, with magic wand point selection. For example, I want to be a whale-themed:

Drag with the gradient tool. Note the reverse direction of the original gradient:

Then I found that the contrast between the whale and the background was too inconspicuous ... And this whale does not spray tat (inner OS: Big Brother, you don't spray water who knows you're a whale ah TAT)

So press Ctrl+m to pull up the curve tool, drag up and down, and then forcibly add a water, namely:

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