A simple three-dimensional earth design Tutorial in Photoshop

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A simple three-dimensional earth design Tutorial in Photoshop

Click here to download the Photoshop file used in this tutorial

1th Step

opens Photoshop, then creates a rectangle with the rectangular tool (U), and then starts copying it until you get 7 columns. Use the distribution level to center to make the same distance. After that, repeat the 7 rectangles and rotate them to create a grid

2nd Step

with the elliptical marquee tool to create a circle like I choose in the picture below.

3rd Step

go to filter > Twist > Spherical. Use 100% of the amount and normal mode.

4th Step

-cut selection and pasting to get the global front face.

5th Step

to layer > Layer styles > Gradient overlay. Apply linear mode to light blue and dark red gradients. You can try as well as radially.

6th Step

Copy the layer and rotate 45 degrees to change the color of the gradient to a bright red top and a dark blue bottom. This will create a very good 3D effect and it is super simple.

7th Step

Select the background layer, go to layer > Layer style > Gradient overlay. Use the color of (#aa616b) and (#2c354d), the radial of the style and the ratio of 140%. The center position of the gradient is dotted at the top of the center of the Earth. To do this, just click and hold the move in the gradient position while you are in the gradient overlay attribute.

8th Step

Select the two global layers and replicate them. Then go to layers > merge layers. You will have a layer with the Earth. Go to layers > Layer styles > Color overlay. The color used is black. Then go to filter > Blur > Gaussian blur. Use a radius of 15. Then, just adjust its size and change the opacity to 20%. Create a nice shadow effect.

9th Step

Select a global front face and edit layer style. Then click on the inner shadow and use the white blending mode for the color Dodge color, 60% opacity. Also change the angle to 100%, distance 3 pixesl and 7 pixel sizes.

10th Step

inside the shadow, you will get a nice lighting effect in your world.

11th Step

Select all the layers and copy them. After that, go to layer > merge layers to merge all the images have a layer. Go to filter > Blur > Gaussian blur. Use a radius of 20 pixels.

12th Step

change the blending mode to overlay, you will get a very good light effect


Now just add the text you want, or you can apply the texture above. I'm using the scan line pattern I created. The overall idea of this tutorial shows how to create a beautiful 3D worldwide using the only Photoshop, which is a very good technical logo and icon, which is super simple to implement.

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