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Here is a Alex Ma of how to evaluate Visual Studio Code with a netizen. "Share the reply, Bole online has been asked to reprint permission. If reproduced again, please consult your own permission.

I did not see the scene of the press conference, I was sleeping suddenly woke up directly to see the micro-blog Brush screen information, jumped from the bed, download trial, and then risked the risk of sudden death to write the answer. (Get up in the morning to tidy up the answers and revise some details)

First, make a general introduction to visual Studio code. First of all, this visual Studio code (hereinafter referred to as Vscode) is a GUI-led code editor that can only accomplish simple code editing, not an integrated development environment (IDE). The development tools such as visual Studio, Webstorm, the IDE, are powerful, and these two are different concepts.

Some of the answers in the discussion configuration file is JSON format, this is already sublime, atom this kind of editor's standard. In addition, the first version of the support for Web cloud development has no relevant functionality. Now it's just an editor, and it's nothing to do with back-end cloud services that connect to Microsoft. Of course, maybe later versions will join the direct connection cloud for development.

The current market is more common in some GUI editor products: Sublime, notepad++, Atom, H5 Builder, brackets, etc., including the terminal under Vim, Emacs and so on, are the vscode of the competition products. I personally more commonly used sublime,atom less use, so can only compare the sublime.

The following from the trial situation to probably talk about the editor unique place, for reference only.

1. Appearance:

A typical VS-style UI that supports light and dark two kinds of theme switching. The side buttons are new, search, Git, and debug, respectively. But the layout of the function, exactly like atom.

2. Performance:

MacBook air nearly 3 million lines of code files, open need 5, 6 seconds, browse without cotton, no collapse phenomenon, continue to coding also not cotton, go to line also not cotton, paste code will be cotton, the problem is not big. Sublime3 the latest version of the file to open it, it will take nearly 2 minutes, nothing compared.

3. User Experience Details

I'll say it at 1.1.
(1) Can directly click on the GUI button or right button to create a new file, folder such operations. (Previous sublime This aspect is poor)

(2) Directly separate tab and Close tab

The button on the left can split the window directly. It's much more convenient than sublime. The right x can close the label directly.
Then the left side can also see a big blue button, you can directly open Folder, also relatively cool. Here also directly implied by folder as the project, otherwise many beginners do not know how to open the file, open folder or something.

(3) No plug-in code diff
A very powerful feature that currently finds two ways to start the diff function.
The first is on the left, right key file Select to compare, and then the right key to a file compare with ' xx ', you can appear diff. The second is Git mode, click the switch to changes file in the upper right corner, you can start the diff.

Then click on the top left corner ... button, there will be

Then click Switch to Inline View, and you can go to a tab diff.

(4) Code complement full support angular tag, support function description hint

And then a simple try the HTML and JS code completion (C # tried seemingly not complete, concrete look again)
HTML is a good complement, but also supports the angular tag complement.
JS code completion is too handsome, directly look at the picture bar, each function attributes are described. Support Node completion.

(5) Auto-prompt overwrite profile & suspension Tips

This kind of editor, it is also very common to change the configuration file yourself. At present, separate configurations for different languages are not supported and are integrated into a single configuration file, but support for different profiles for different projects supports shortcut key configurations.

Two points are nice:1 when configured. Automatically opens the default settings and user Settings, prompting you to modify your profile on the right side of the file. This is very friendly and convenient for beginners. 2. In addition, the mouse is placed on the key of the configuration file (JSON format), and the prompt is automatically suspended.

(6) Syntax error hint & format Code & no plug-in code debug

Built-in syntax error prompts, very convenient.

The right key code area supports automatic formatting of code, which is pretty good.

The editor also has the native debug feature.
For now, the configuration file is primarily a front-end development configuration, and debug supports node and mono (. Net).

Turn on the debug function, must be Mono3.0 installed, I light debugging node also to install, not clear why.

Click on the Debug button on the left to automatically generate the Debug configuration file in the directory

Modify it as you want, then select the Debug configuration on the left and run.

(7) Support for simple multiline selection
Right-click the all occurrences on the word, and then you can select multiple lines.

Now the only problem is not to support the most concerned about the plug-in, but this is just the beginning, only the first version, Plug-ins for Microsoft should also be only minutes. And the first release on the support of Plug-ins is not very meaningful, because developers do not know that Microsoft to do this thing, the first release is not what plug-ins. If I am Microsoft, the first edition also does not put, the later version hurriedly adds comes in just fine, as long as the user is many, all is not the matter. and the lower right corner directly has a smiley face can be used to feedback information, so you have what you want to feedback, direct point that button.

In summary, I said some attractive feature, put on my personal initial evaluation of it, an expectation. First of all, free opening is certainly very good news, Sublime after all is the charge, Sublime 3 even unlimited free trial are not. Second, plug-in, language-independent configuration to quickly add to the agenda, get out, this is the cannon. At Microsoft's level, however, this should not be a problem at all, and the official document says it's on the agenda. Second, the details of the user experience, Microsoft must be the end of the explosion sublime, see above. Finally, the front-end development, Node, C # is more friendly. Previously engaged in front-end development, especially the Mac and Linux developers, should be more inclined to this, it is estimated that a lot of the common editor from Sublime to this. C # developers should be able to use more of the developers on windows, and for them, as a quick editor, it's much easier to open than vs itself.

Other language directions, if previously used sublime, may be more transferred to this. If this editor Microsoft really attaches importance to the development, the promotion, the support plug-in, the language independent configuration, should like uses the sublime to develop Python, Ruby, go and so on that batch of developers will switch to Vscode.

If you are more anxious, the above words are too lazy to see, then I mainly condensed summary three characteristics: free; user experience details, the IDE version of the intelligent characteristics; fluent, completely not card. (Atom estimated to cry, do not know why Microsoft has changed its own no card)

The introduction of this vscode to Microsoft, is a sign that they are going to start sweeping, let you use the editor to say. Of course, for developers, whether you like it or not, anyway, no more than a choice of money, very good.

PS: In the words of atom, it is true that I have not used it. But Microsoft Vscode seems to be the atom shell shells, it should be their own change, do not know how to change so quickly, the specific circumstances do not dare to jump to conclusions. But anyway, you should change the name of the binary file.

Source: Know the Netizen Alex Ma (@ Alex Ma 2333)


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