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When the HTML page is displayed on the iOS device, when a serial number is entered consecutively, the click Defaults to the phone number dialing.

Methods to suppress this event:

<code class= "Hljs xml has-numbering" >
<span class= "Hljs-tag" >
<<span class= "Hljs-title" >meta< /SPAN> 
<span class= "Hljs-attribute" >name
</span>=<span class= "Hljs-value" > "Format-detection" 
</span> <span class= "Hljs-attribute" >content</span>=
<span class= "Hljs-value" > "telephone=" No "


Enable devices to browse the Web page when the number does not enable the phone function (different device interpretation, ITouch Click Number for the contact, the IPhone to call), ignoring the number of the page to recognize the phone number.
If you need to enable the phone function will be telephone=yes, if the page has Google Maps, ITunes and YouTube links on the iOS device to open the appropriate program components.

The following also belong to the excerpt

But some of the project requirements is that some elements do not convert the phone number, we can use a relatively dirty way to solve.

For example, to display the amount of the label, you can do the following rewrite:

1 <button style= "background:none;padding:0;border:0;" >10000.00</button> yuan 

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