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PDF can not edit, this is not a disadvantage, but its positioning.

PDF is not editable, but can be commented.

• Turn word? Why use MS Word? I do not recommend this format, general documents why not more open, easier to edit RTF, html?

• The fundamental goal of this article and the full use of good software is principles and methods, not software. If you read a mantra, or flick a few hands to convert the PDF to Word, why must the software?

Method 1: Convert via Gmail mailbox

Congratulations to Gmail users, the PDF sent to the Gmail mailbox, on the side of the attachment, there is a corresponding conversion to HTML links. If you definitely need doc format, copy the HTML content.

Advantages: Fast, trustworthy, a lot of people already have Gmail mailbox (do not register a bar), all languages encoded text should be able to convert

Disadvantage: Pictures in PDF seem to have problems

Method 2:pdfundo.net on-line conversion

Online http://pdfundo.net (name is interesting), you can upload a PDF document, 30 seconds-a few minutes to convert to Doc, and give the download link. It also has the corresponding client software. [Vialifehacker]

Advantages: Free, online, direct generation doc

Disadvantage: Try to transfer a Taiwanese friend produced a PDF (the original file is not word, traditional Chinese), found that many Chinese characters can not be displayed.

Method 3: Share software e-pdf to Word Converter

There is little pdf2doc need to make good use of soft, and e-pdf to Word Converter. Minority software "e-pdf-pdf conversion Word document" said "E-pdf can be a perfect PDF file converted into Word documents, I used 104 of pages of PDF to do the test, in addition to a few places, the rest are the perfect conversion." ”

Other online Introduction:

E-pdf to Wordconverter is a tool software that converts adobepdf documents into Word documents, which support the output of text, images, and other content. This software can be run independently from Microsoftword,adobe acrobat or Acrobat Reader. The perfect Chinese support and the original layout conversion, basically achieves the hundred cent the authentic ...

At present, the only found deficiencies, the number will be converted to the number of rounded corners, I do not know if you can in Word in bulk to change the number back to Half-width, and some of the text size will be a small number. Tried a lot of PDF to the Word tool, it should be said that the layout has been seen to retain the best, although there is a little regret.

Advantages: See above

Disadvantages: no free, USD35


Occasionally have pdf2doc needs of netizens, suggest first try the online Gmail and Pdfundo. If the quality does not meet the requirements, or the number of conversions, the speed of more requirements, you can try/register e-pdf to Word Converter.

But either way, it's worth thinking about before you move on: Is it really necessary to convert from PDF to Word?

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