A summary of iOS9 adaptation

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The latest published app version number is iOS9. Summarize some key points of the adaptation process.

BitcodeiOS9 introduced a new feature: Bitcode, information about Bitcode can be found on the Internet. Bitcode requires that third-party libraries used in project must support Bitcode because very many third-party libraries simply provide simple. A and header files that cannot be recompiled on their own.

A simple way to deal with Bitcode is to temporarily turn off support for Bitcode. Open Project's Build Setting in version Xcode7.0beta and change the Enable Bitcode from Yes to No.

Network requests
IOS9 launched ATS, which requires the app to use a more secure HTTPS protocol when making network requests, and a network request that used the HTTP protocol would have a problem: data not being requested and crashes.

The use of HTTPS protocol for all network requests is debatable. For the first time to solve the problem. Temporarily take the same treatment plan as Bitcode. Turn off support for ATS features. To change info.plist, add a field of dictionary type: nsapptransportsecurity. Add a Boolean-type item:nsallowsarbitraryloads to the dictionary and set it to Yes.

A summary of iOS9 adaptation

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