A summary of the considerations for using SSH to manage VPS under Linux

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The author uses the key file interactive login way to connect ssh. Therefore, the first step is to generate the SSH key file.

1, Ssh-keygen

2, then, the server's key, the public key to download down. Saved under the. ssh folder of the current user.

The point to note here is that a certain two must be downloaded, download only the key, will prompt the need for a public key. Putty seems to have this problem, directly download the key and then convert it.

SSH login problem solved, then, the new problem came again, because the author in the company through the intranet HTTP proxy way to surf the internet. It appears that the proxy cannot be used directly on SSH. The author finds out after consulting the data. SSH needs to go through the tunnel (tunnel) to use the HTTP proxy (or is there any other good way?) I do not know the =_=!, you do not hesitate to enlighten the user.

1, download a tunnel software, such as corkscrew download address after decompression, compiling

Tar zxf corkscrew-2.0.tar.gz

CD corkscrew-2.0


Make && make install

2, modify the SSH configuration


Add to

Host *

Proxycommand Corkscrew Server Port%h%p

Once saved, you can log in directly using SSH ^_^

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