A summary of the tips of Word2007 in writing the year-end summary

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Although the end of a variety of data tables, materials are in Excel, Word, PPT document editing, but the final will have to use the Word of the editor-in-chief of a summary report printed out to submit to the leadership. In this small series specially arranges several strokes to use Word2007 to make the summary may need the skill, hoped can help everybody to save some edits to revise the summary report the time.

Fast input and modification of same content

In a summary there is always a lot of text, data will be repeated, in addition to repeated input annoying, once you need to modify, replace all the same content is a big problem. You can change all the same data synchronously by setting bookmarks to match cross-references.

Select the relevant values and text, and then click the Rich Text icon in the Development Tools tab control area to turn it into a text control. Click the Bookmark command under the Insert tab, open the Bookmark dialog box, enter the name Total income 2009, and add the bookmark by adding a button. A book signature cannot begin with an Arabic numeral.

Navigate to where you want to enter this entry, click the bookmark cross-reference under the Insert tab, set the reference type as a bookmark in the cross-reference window, and refer to the bookmark text. Then select the desired bookmark in the list and click the Insert button to insert the bookmark. The cross-reference window is not automatically closed and can be dragged to the side so that it is inserted when needed.

When you need to modify the data, you can modify it only in the text control of the original data (the data that was selected when you inserted the bookmark). After the modification, press CTRL + A to select the full text, press the F9 function key Refresh, all the same data will automatically change. In case you forget the original data location, just hold down the CTRL key and click any link data to jump directly to the original data text control for you to modify.

Links refer to other document data

Of course in the year-end summary in addition to the same data in the text, more data, text is to be copied from other Excel, Word, PPT documents to use. So the data in the original document is corrected individually. You can set up a link to make the text in the year-end summary of Word, and the data table automatically corrected as the original document changes.

First open the document to extract content, select the text, data or table content, copy, the new document must be named save and then copy, otherwise will find the source file refresh. Return to the Word2007 window of the write summary, navigate to the Paste, click the Drop-down button that you pasted in the Start tab, select Paste selectively, and select the Paste Link list option in the pop-up Selective Paste window to make sure you can paste the copied content into the document.

This pasted data is automatically corrected when the original document is modified.

Multiple Document Links merge

There is also a situation is that everyone wrote a part of the year-end summary, the final only need to edit a few documents, reports, tables merged into a year-end summary can, of course, also need to be able to synchronize changes. This can be done through the word2007 insert object.

Open word2007, create a new document, switch to the Insert tab, click an object in the text area, and select the text in the file from the Drop-down list. In the Insert document window, select all the documents you want to merge, choose to insert as a link, and immediately see that all the documents have been merged into the current document. Modify the original text, as long as the summary report to open a full selection, and then press F9 Refresh can be automatically corrected.

In addition, the bookmark can also be inserted directly into other documents, provided that the bookmark is set first. In the Insert document window Select a document to refer to, click the Range button, enter the bookmark name you want to refer to, and then click the drop-down arrow for the Insert button, and then select Insert Link to insert the part of the document that you refer to. Use this to bookmark some of the frequently used content, tables, and so on in each document, and call them whenever they are needed.

This article describes the reference links are more than the need to press CTRL + a full selection after pressing F9 refresh to automatically correct. If it's too much trouble, click the Office Button, click the Word option button, and then, in the display options, update the field options before you select Print. Once you are sure, you can refresh automatically before printing. For cross document references, it is recommended that you keep the summary report and the documents you use in the same folder, so that you can simply copy the entire folder when you want to carry it, to avoid the problem of not having a link to the original document.

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