A thorough understanding of WL-500g-type Asus Wireless Router

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We all have different opinions on Asus wireless network routers. In any case, the Asus wireless network router still has many advantages. Next let's get to know the new features of WL-500g. WL-500g is a multi-function wireless with a transmission rate of 54Mbps. It integrates Wired/wireless networks, supports IEEE 802.11g protocol, and is compatible with common 802.11b products, the maximum distance is 50 m in the room and 200 m in the room.

This product is designed to meet the needs of small enterprises, offices and Home Office Internet access, its most prominent feature is that it can be used as a router, network hard disk, server, wireless network Webcam, and USB, five machines in one. WL-500g provides all Asus wireless network router functions, including DHCP server, IP sharing, firewall and so on. In addition, it also has the UPnP function, which allows the protocols supported by MSN massager, Netmeeting, Direct Play, and other UPnP to operate normally. In addition, the WL-500g also supports powerful WDS features, making it Repeater, Bridge functions, so as to adapt to a variety of wireless network applications, allowing users to easily set up a wireless network environment.

At the same time, if you plug in a USB hard drive or flash drive, you can immediately become an FTP server. You can easily share files with all your friends through the Internet and WLAN without any trouble. Moreover, the WL-500g also features Printer servers that support USB and Printer Port printers, allowing multiple people to print files over wireless and wired networks. It is understood that WL-500g is the world's first support Webcam Asus wireless network router, if to WL-500g external a set of USB webcam, users can use the Internet and wireless network monitoring home, you can also set the email warning function to easily control home security.
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In the most important security issues, Asus WL-500g designed multiple protection, fully ensure the security of wireless network. It supports 64/128-bit WEP wireless data encryption, and supports the most secure WPA protocol and the latest WPA2 protocol, use the TKIP, AES and WPA-PSK encryption systems and 802.1x authentication systems that are more secure than WEP to ensure data security during wireless transmission. In addition, in order to enhance the security and protection of wireless networks, WL-500g is equipped with Asus proprietary wireless network firewall.

NAT natural firewall and SPI firewall are used to block possible attacks from the Internet. Therefore, multiple security lines are built between the Asus wireless network router and wired network to ensure data security and control. The updated WMM feature allows multimedia and video streams to maintain a constant transmission rate at a higher priority. Bandwidth management allows you to adjust the bandwidth of each user on the LAN as needed.

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