A three-dimensional word tutorial for Photoshop to make a pink effect

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The effect of the image is very exquisite, the production of this effect is mainly through the overlay of multiple layer style implementation, and finally achieve exquisite results

Difficulty coefficient: ★★★☆☆

First of all, we start from the most basic background, this case background using the material downloaded from the Internet, of course, can also make their own

Create a canvas color mode RGB mode with a size of 1200 x 720px

Drag the background footage into the canvas and add a new group to it, press Ctrl+r to display the ruler and lock it in the middle position

Perform filter-blur-Gaussian blur values in the background as shown in the following illustration

The background is so good, the next thing to do is the text part of the

Set up a new group as shown in the picture, and play with the text you want to make, this tutorial takes "love" as an example

Copy the "Love" layer four layers and mark them for a while. Hide love_2, Love_3, Love_4 first

Make the following settings for the love_1 layer

Set the layer fill opacity to 0% for the love_2 layer as follows

Set the layer fill opacity to 0% for the love_3 layer as follows

Set the layer fill opacity to 0% for the love_4 layer as follows

The way it is now

Copy love _1 layer to put it into the love _1 layer below named "Love _ Shadow"

Modify layer styles for this layer

Convert this layer to a smart object

Performing Filters-Blur-Gaussian Blur

Shadow layer Add Black Mask hold ALT + red arrow below

Set Brush Soft Edge White

Paint the shadows with a white brush

Highlight handling-adds texture to text effects

CTRL + click on the text layer appears ant line Select the Gradient tool

The gradient settings are as follows

Select a linear gradient to pull up from the top right corner of the diagram

Change layer mode soft light opacity 68%

Drag into the high light material, change the layer mode to color filter

Making of Outer packing

Press F5 to set the brush as shown in the picture

Bring up a text selection brush brush within a selection

Add a layer style to the layer

Overall palette

This step does not have too many requirements, but the whole picture of the perfect, color matching method There are many, the value is not fixed, so this step everyone free to play can, the following this is what I do

All layers

Note : More wonderful tutorials Please pay attention to the triple Photoshop tutorial section, triple PS group: 311270890 welcome you to join

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