A total of 31 PHP graphics/image processing open source software

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  • PHP Image Processing Library Grafika
  • Grafika is a PHP image processing library. Can be used to change image size, cut, compare, and add watermarks and other operations. You can also create some text pictures, geometry, and apply some filters. Built on Imagick and GD. Feature Smart crop image compare perceptual hash advanced image processing filter Bezier Sample code: ... More Grafika Information

    Last updated: grafika--php Image Processing Library posted 4 month ago

  • Automatically add a responsive watermark to a picture tpimagewater
  • The tpimagewater,thinkphp extension automatically adds "responsive" watermarks to images that have already been uploaded. Give standard style photo size, watermark size, watermark location, loop traversal or add watermark based on database field traversal, calculate appropriate watermark size and position according to scale. Running effect: more tpimagewater information

  • PHP Image thumbnail Gallery phpthumb
  • PHP Thumb is a PHP class used to generate thumbnails of images. Just a few lines of code, support a variety of image sources, including the file system or database, support most image formats. And the picture can be rotated, cut, watermark and so on. Performs the definition of the quality of the thumbnail, providing the built-in cache to reduce the load on the server. Sample code: ... More Phpthumb Information

  • Ffmpeg-php provides a set of easy-to-use, object-oriented APIs to access and read information in video and audio files. It contains a way to get pictures from a movie file as a picture. This feature is ideal for automatically creating thumbnails from movie files. ffmpeg-php for reading audio files (mp3,wma ...) The playback time and speed of the information is also very good ... More ffmpeg-php Information

    PHP Chart Class Phplot
  • Phplot is a PHP graphic class used to create a chart, which requires PHP5 support. Phplot uses the GD extension of PHP to generate png/gif/jpeg format images. The code to generate the above graph is as follows: # phplot Demo # 2008-01-09 LJB # For more information see Http://sourceforge.net/projects/phplo ... More Phplot Information

    Last updated: Phplot 6.1.0 Released, PHP chart classes posted 4 year ago

  • PHP Picture Clipping Tclip
  • Name Description: T, avatar meaning. clip, read [Klip], translates to clipping.  Tclip, is an avatar auto-recognition, PHP picture clipping project. Summary: for picture clipping. Has the following characteristics: 1. can face recognition. The face in the image will automatically be treated as an important area of the face area and will not be cropped off. 2. Automatically identify other important areas. Such as... More Tclip Information

  • URL-based image processing library Evathumber
  • Evathumber is a lightweight, URL-based image processing library that supports a variety of commonly used image processing such as zoom/rotate/intercept/filter, supports setting watermark/two-D code, and can perform face recognition as well as PNG optimized compression, all processed simply by changing the URL of the image. Evathumber based on PHP implementation, can be installed in any mainstream system with one click, due to the base ... More Evathumber Information

  • PHP Image Processing Module Magickwand
  • Magickwand is a PHP module used to access the ImageMagick image processing library. Here is a code snippet that uses Magicwand: $magick _wand=newmagickwand (); Magickreadimage ($magick _wand, ' rose.jpg '); $drawing _wand=newdrawingwand (); Drawsetfont ($drawing _wan ... More Magickwand Information

  • PHP Image processing Library Zebra_image
  • Zebra_image is a small, lightweight, object-oriented PHP image manipulation library. Provides a way to perform a variety of image operations, with the exception of GD2 without relying on any external libraries, supporting transparent picture format GIF and PNG. More zebra_image Information

    Last updated: Zebra_image 2.2 Released, PHP image processing library posted 5 year ago

  • PHP Image processing Library Imagine
  • Imagine is a powerful image processing library in PHP that requires PHP 5.3 and later, and is inspired by Python's PIL. Example code: <?php $imagine = new Imagine\gd\imagine (); or $imagine = new Imagine\imagick\imagine (); or $imagine = new Imagi ... More Imagine Information

  • Easy PHP Thumbnail Class
  • Easy PHP Thumbnail class can be used to easily generate thumbnail images of the PHP class. The class can also add a variety of effects to thumbnails, such as shadow, cut, round edge processing, filters, and more than 45 image processing methods. More Easy PHP Thumbnail class information

    Image PHP Class
  • Image PHP class is a PHP category for manipulating images that can be loaded directly from a file or binary data, with image scaling, resizing, and image clipping. More Image PHP class information

    Lightweight PHP library evacloudimage based on URL generation thumbnails
  • Evacloudimage has been renamed Evathumber, and has done a full refactoring, adding more new features Evacloudimage is a lightweight PHP library based on URL generation thumbnails, which supports a variety of thumbnail generation methods such as zoom/rotate/intercept, Instead, simply change the URL of the image by simply changing it. Evacloudimage source code is stored on GitHub, fully open ... More evacloudimage Information

  • I2
  • I2 Abstracts Image Transformations (thumbnails, scales, borders, and so on) into an XML file, generating the converted image through a simple PHP API. More I2 Information

  • PHP Image processing Library Imageworkshop
  • Imageworkshop is a PHP open source library for various processing of images, enabling layer manipulation, which you can use to redefine dimensions, cropping, making thumbnails, drawing water, and more. More Imageworkshop Information

  • Adaptive Images
  • Adaptive images is a PHP-written tool that can transfer images to small mobile devices. Application Embedded solutions automatically create, capture, and transfer pictures based on the device screen size without the need for additional changes to the image. More Adaptive Images Information

  • Easyphpthumbnail
  • Easyphpthumbnail is a PHP class for generating image thumbnails, and supports including GIF, JPG, and PNG format images. Supported image processing features include: Resize, crop, rotate, flip, save As, shadow, watermark, text, border, sharpen, blur, water Ripple, mirror, PE Rspective, Twir ... More Easyphpthumbnail Information

  • WordPress thumbnail Project Timthumb
  • Timthumb.php is a project for thumbnail applications developed specifically for WordPress. A bit like a plugin, but it is different from the WordPress plugin, because it is not uploaded in the plugins folder, but it needs to be uploaded to your theme folder. You can learn and download the latest version of timthumb.php here, the general default configuration is also ... More Timthumb Information

  • Loli-facemash
  • Loli-facemash is a facemash-style image of the PHP open source program. It is mainly used for quick and effective evaluation of pictures. You can easily build the voting or evaluation program you need simply by modifying some of the program's HTML,CSS code or even simply modifying the image. The advantage of this program is to provide you with a convenient evaluation function (based on FAC ... More Loli-facemash Information

  • CAPTCHA Script Freecap

A total of 31 PHP graphics/image processing open source software (GO)

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