A trip to Xiangjiang Wildlife Park: (2) TIGER (flash Edition 〕

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Haha, I stole a lazy today. Of course, it is also to improve the publishing efficiency and browsing comfort. I made all the photos about tiger into a flash ^_^.

If you are interested, you can click here to download the flash file. It is a zip file. Although it is 3.5 MB, I tried it myself just now. It is quite fast to download more than 300 k per second. In addition, to ensure the display effect, we recommend that you play the flash at a resolution of 1024 × 768, and use full screen mode-and remember to turn on the speaker ^_^

The following is a flash program for everyone to renew for quick_^

Relevant text descriptions will be added later ~

P.s: the photo version has been released. Click here to browse ^_^

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