A tutorial on the method of district sharpening for the portrait by the PS calculation selection

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Zonal "tone" global sharpening: is based on the difference in brightness, sharpening the reaction is not the same, is the more advanced sharpening techniques one. The high light area originally contrast is big,

It is sensitive to sharpening and needs sharpening quantity to be smaller. The contrast between the midtones is smaller than that of the high light region, and the sharpening required for the higher light region is slightly larger. And the contrast between the dark part and the extreme dark part

Lower than the middle and high light areas, so need a greater amount of sharpening to explore the details! This is also the original intention of District sharpening!

The main part of the photo is sharpening, the sharpening of the midtones should be located in the main body, the sharpness of the dark to reproduce the details and suppress the main noise, for the whole piece of the basis of all parts of the hierarchy,

For the expression of art, sometimes we even need to do some local fuzzy processing to highlight the main body of the work.

In short, district sharpening is the actual need to express the logic of reading, but also is limited by the characteristics of "digital image noise distribution to gray, black area mainly", in order to ensure the image quality must follow the production process.

Another reason for the partition sharpening is that the intensity of the different regions to sharpen the response is different, usually, high light areas generally have high contrast, and high contrast to the sharpness of the edge of the pixel is relatively sensitive.

Often the smaller sharpening values in high contrast areas will be significantly changed. So, sharpening the whole slice with a sharpening value, the sharpening of the high light will be excessive, and the sharpness of the dark part may not be enough.

Therefore, we must sharpen the area of the bright part.

In order to increase the sharpness, the contrast between the pixels in the halftone region image is moderate, and the number and radius of sharpening are increased.

Similarly, this value will exceed the need of the high light region, in order to protect the high light region, it is necessary to adjust the midtones also regional sharpening.

In contrast to the highlight area, the darker part requires greater edge emphasis and edge pixel contrast elevation, but this can bring noise, so sharpen it with caution.

To sum up, the division sharpening can be controlled for different areas of precision, can emphasize the main body, and reasonable cohesion of the regional tone, to ensure that the picture quality,

It's both challenging and fun to do this, and it makes this kind of operation easier if you have the skill of partitioning and setting up the action.

Tutorial Artwork:

Effect Chart:

Operation Steps:

1. Open the material picture, copy the layer, and delete the layer.

2. Select the skin to sharpen by using calculations and levels of color,

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