A tutorial to add a button to a PPT courseware

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Sometimes in order to make your PPT courseware appear to be different, add some buttons inside, now let's show you how to add a button to your PPT courseware.

This article takes PPT 2007 as an example. Here are the detailed steps to make a ppt button:

1, open the PPT document, click "Insert"-"shape", will appear drop-down box, there are many kinds of shapes, where you can choose what you like.

2, then, we draw the graph on the page, choose the position that you think is suitable.

3, click "Start", on the right side of the page, find the following area:

4, select just draw a good graphic, click on the shape fill, choose color or picture and gradient effects and textures, according to their own situation to determine, here to explain the convenience of only selected colors.

5, keep the selected graphics, click the shape outline, add contour for it, there are a variety of colors and lines, can make a choice.

6, keep the selected graphics, click the shape effect, here have a variety of special effects, find your favorite effect.

7, the completion of the above operation, the embryonic form of a button has been visible:

8, select "Insert"-"text box", select "Horizontal text box", insert Text "play":

9, select the slide where the play, click the mouse "right"-"HYPERLINK", the menu appears as follows, select the location in this document, and then choose to return the slide, click OK.

10, at this time has been completed, according to F5 try to test the effect of it.

Do you feel that PowerPoint is funny?

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