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E-commerce businesses want to achieve successful viral marketing, the correct interpretation of viral marketing connotation is the key. This article will introduce several typical cases of viral marketing, hoping to help businesses further understand viral marketing to provide reference.

1. Self-serve salad to attract guests
A well-known international food and beverage enterprises in Taiwan viral marketing, to customers sent a topic for "Eat the Broken xxx" mail, which introduces a good way to get a salad buffet: skillfully using carrots, cucumber slices and pineapple slices to build a wider bowl edge, can be a seven-plate salad, but also with real photos. The feeling of a netizen who received this email was: "I immediately forwarded the email to my lover and made an appointment to try my best." When we got there, we asked for a salad buffet and couldn't wait to start Shengshala the way it was written in the mail. "After several efforts, they finally found that because the Shengshala with the clip too big, do not do so fine construction process, salad up to 2-3 layers, it is impossible to take the message described in the seven plate salad. But the effect of viral marketing has already appeared in customers.

2. Limited eligibility invitation for large-capacity free mailbox
A world-renowned internet company was the first to launch 1G (currently 2.5G) free mailbox, when this mailbox product has been a sensation in the Internet community. However, the product in the test does not accept the public application, but the test invitation is issued by the first registered users, including the company's employees. That is, each user has several rights to issue accounts, in the form of invitations to send to a number of friends. Recipients will also be eligible to be invited to more friends when they join. Imagine how many people around the world accepted the invitation every day, and how many people were handing out the invitation as a gift. Do not need their own time and effort to do the promotion, the business is like the virus spread by the user automatically spread, each participant is to help the enterprise propaganda. Recently, the company is using this viral marketing approach to promote its new products.

3. Affiliate Website Promotion link
An e-commerce enterprise adopts the membership system and viral marketing two ways to promote. There are over 500,000 affiliate sites that can link to their websites. If a user links to the website via banner on the member's website and completes the online shopping, the member website will receive a certain commission. At the same time, the enterprise uses viral marketing means, encourage customers to give a friend designated publication as a gift, when the consignee receives a gift, printed on the packaging of promotional materials in the advertising for the enterprise.

4. Free e-book to bring Ctr
The marketing practice of a San Diego publishing company website is to create a Web site that can download jokes and humorous ebooks for free and add its own hyperlinks to these ebooks. In March 2001 alone, the company gained more than 30,000 clicks from multiple countries within a few days, and the number of visits to the site was growing rapidly.

We can see that viral marketing in a myriad of ways, at the same time, with the development of Internet technology and mobile communication technology, its means and channels have been further expanded. Therefore, the combination of the characteristics of their own business and product features to carry out a flexible viral marketing, for the promotion of the store is very helpful. For foreign Trade e-commerce website, instant messaging, mail and so on is a better way of marketing. At the same time, if you can in the e-commerce website design to add products or sites to quickly recommend to friends, and the corresponding points for the referral reward, the promotion of the site will also be better.

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