A unified Linux global standard will be introduced soon to avoid taking the Unix Road

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A unified Linux global standard will be introduced soon to avoid taking the Unix Road (Sina Technology diagram)

The free standards group plans to officially announce a global Linux Standard on October 23, September 14, Beijing time, to prevent further Linux differentiation trends. Currently, this standard is widely supported by Linux developers and PC manufacturers, including red hat, Novell, Hongqi, turbolinux, AMD, Intel, HP, Dell and IBM.
The standard to be announced by the free standards organization is the Linux Standard Library 2.0 (Linux Standard base 2.0). The goal is to avoid Linux differentiation into several incompatible versions. This happened several years ago on UNIX operating systems. At that time, several companies developed different and incompatible UNIX versions. Jon Hall, executive director of another non-profit organization Linux International, said: "Without a standard Linux operating system, we will inevitably go Unix ."
Jim zemlin, executive director of the free standards organization, believes that to compete with Microsoft's Windows operating system, the Linux system must have a unified standard. The biggest advantage of Linux is that it is an open standard that anyone can freely access its source code. However, in recent years, commercial companies led by Red Hat and Novell have often added various features to Linux to make their products and services more attractive to users. In this case, Linux supporters began to worry that in the future, Linux will be divided into multiple different versions like UNIX, reducing the competitiveness in the market.
Microsoft is fully aware of the potential crisis of Linux. The company advertises in the European market to show consumers the confusion and troubles users may encounter once Linux is divided into several different versions. In Microsoft's ads, penguins, as the Linux logo, grow frog legs and the elephant's nose. "I have to admit that this is a very good advertisement," zelin said ."
In the past, if a vendor has added special features to Linux, the vendor must perform tests on multiple versions of Linux platforms to ensure compatibility, this situation will be greatly improved in the future. Jeffrey Wade, HP Linux marketing manager, said: "The launch of the new standard will greatly reduce the vendor's development costs, in the future, the vendor only needs to complete the test under the Standard Edition Linux."
Dan Fry, vice president of the IBM Technical Center, believes that the threat of Linux system differentiation is not as big as people think, all changes to Linux are monitored by Linus Torvaalds, the father of Linux. However, Frye also said: "In any case, a unified standard is very important for software vendors and users ."

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