A weak program, the cry of the daughter

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This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. Think of my hostility is very heavy and I like godless people welcome someone to give me criticism to correct my thoughts recently continued in the interview 10 times 9 Times was abused to pieces I was prepared for the interview "Computer 100 asked" notebook, is to be able to answer the interviewer's questions I just graduated from a small company, In my back-end three front end, to start the company's only HTML, CSS, JS Web site to change to dynamic, that is, completely from scratch, from the needs of the finishing to the back of the line I try to do a good job, will not have no one said help me write down the code to help me solve the bug, My own Baidu reading stones out. Demand function is not how complex, a year or two of the operating user volume of hundreds of thousands of simultaneously online up to one thousand or two thousand, high data concurrency is not exist. It's a waste of time to think about staying and doing some maintenance work, and start looking for a work trip. The framework for the development of the two projects, which is faithfully written with two years of experience in the resume, is accompanied by an access address and a list of skills to be written. 1, proficiency in PHP language and Yii, thinkphp framework 2, skilled MySQL data sheet design and SQL statement 3, skilled use of the Linux development environment and LNMP deployment 4, familiar with the use of Common Linux command 5, skilled to make SVN, git version control ask, Interviewer you asked me during the interview what does high concurrency, sub-Libraries, and sub-tables mean? Just to see if I'm studious? Do you want to do it yourself? I have been fortunate that I have a thick skin, shame on the lost, so occasionally encountered to help me recommend a resume, I am really very grateful to others, and then will confirm if the interview results are very poor will not let him feel ashamed, if you feel the impact will not push. But every time I was abused I was thinking, what did I do and what I did in the past two years ... Now think about it, maybe it's not entirely my fault. Obviously I have written my experience, the interviewer brother, you can not look at it? If obviously not competent post, why should I go to the interview, my fart to run past, an afternoon or early in the morning time passed, anyway, to bear the battered attack, finally came to the sentence back to the news, this news is not to wait, do not pass, please also give a reply to the good! Living in the world can not hope that others understand themselves, give themselves a chance to grow up. Only have their own efforts constantly bump, do not give up, continue to struggle to live. I am a female programmer, I like to knock code, like to write back-end and data to deal with, I like, although the ability is not enough but I have been working hard. May 1 years after me or 3 years later, I look back to this article, I can smile to myself said, fortunately you have not given up efforts! If you see this, thank you. May everything be all right with you. If there is criticism on my suggestion for the groove, please comment. I seem to have too little knowledge of the world. I hope you can provide some realistic suggestions for my skill promotion. Once again, thank you.。 1396 reads  ∙  1 likes  
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