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Round, is an elegant shape, but at the same time seems to have a mysterious style. It is also because the rounded elements have this innate characteristic, so when working with other elements, once the designer has a bias in the processing, it will be visually incongruous.

The use of circular elements in web design is more and more frequent, but the effect is not all satisfactory. Anyforweb found some notable use cases for everyone to draw inspiration from.

1. As we all know, if the use of circular elements will become and abrupt, and even affect the entire page of visual comfort, especially in a simple environment, a larger area of the circular element will make the page atmosphere becomes very awkward. This is what the case shows, but the difference is that the circular watermark has completely changed the original awkward atmosphere.

2. The use of circular elements in the site navigation is relatively rare, and Bronco's website to practice this idea. The round element is a very grab-eye shape, which is both an advantage and a disadvantage. The color box in the page will undoubtedly be the first time to seize the viewer's eyeball, and navigation as the first screen of the page is an important part of the main role is to guide users, but also need to let users find early, round elements became the choice.

3. This site uses a lot of round elements, from logo to button to icon, round design everywhere. Although the frequency is very high, but the entire page does not seem to procrastinate, but also enhance the design of the Web page, the reason is inseparable from the surrounding environment and the circle itself. Filter effects, geometric elements and the design of the circular Phantom, so that the Web page presents a sense of literature and art.

4. Minimalist page for the visual focus of the need is not very strong, the most important thing is to use the round elements in the maintenance of the page beautiful and balanced while reflecting the focus of the page. The "balance" here includes a lot of details, such as the size of the circle, the thickness of the line, the color, and so on.

5.Jarad Johnson's Web site uses a circular element to make the page more organized. Very powerful to enhance the readability and coordination of the Web page.

6.Olive is properly handled in the design of the texture background. If it is a dense circle will make most people do not want to look at the second eye, if the alternate and sparse arrangement will appear and monotonous boring, and olive this random irregular arrangement to meet the user's visual experience, reducing the circle is too smooth that part.

7. This case is a good proof of the difference between the circle and other shapes. Various types of geometric shapes are assembled on the page, and the first glimpse of the rounded elements in the upper-right corner is very much related to the shape itself and its color.

8. Black and white texture always gives us a classic fashion sense, Azukisoft's website is exactly the same. The linear texture background and the black round color block match each other, creates a kind of mystery for the website, causes the user to browse the interest, attracts the user to click.

9. Simple pages are always unpredictable. Imagine if the page doesn't have a black round color on the top, does the entire page look too thin and boring? This page has a neutral tint, so the page becomes too light if it lacks an attractive round color block.

10. Directly to the pile of round elements on the page may be a bit lazy, then, like the Fannabee site, the round elements into the things we are familiar with, is not to make the picture more cordial?

As long as the designer grasps some basic usage characteristic, the round element can be managed successfully. For example, the Web page in the layout can choose a more tidy grid layout, or make the page become extremely simple, maintain a certain area of white and so on.

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