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Baidu search engine in this year frequent update algorithm, in order to improve the benign development of the Internet, search engine algorithm to upgrade the webmaster all kinds of complaints, about SEO optimization has no future is pushed to the crest of the wave. Before the author also wrote about "search engine optimization did not die" but into a new era, the webmaster carefully read the updated algorithm, and will find the nature of the search engine has not changed, the focus is on the webmaster have not caught the details of the optimization.

content building do not deceive users

Site content construction is the overall core of the site operation, the quality of the content directly affects the search engine weights, and users of the site trust degree. Many stationmaster in order to be able to use nowadays hot topic, obtains the corresponding search flow, but the user enters the site not to be able to find the corresponding content, and will cause the website traffic conversion to be low, the user experience degree is low. Baidu search engine in 2013.9.6 to update the algorithm is also proposed: will severely punish the site to traverse the popular keywords generated a large number of site search results page to obtain search engine traffic, which has a large number of irrelevant content seriously damaged the search engine user experience and encroached on the corresponding field of High-quality website revenue.

The source of the site traffic is not okay, but the webmaster to do is through high-quality content, retain these through the relevant keywords to the flow, improve the conversion rate of traffic, rather than go through cheating means, to attract users to the site, and can not provide its search for the corresponding content, so that not only lead to jump out of the high rate, but also affect the reputation of the enterprise itself, Rogue enterprises can not survive for a long time.

clear and unambiguous structure construction

Search engine Spider program crawls through the link to the website, obtains the website page The HTML code, and deposits in own corresponding database, the clear structure construction lets the spider crawl faster. Spiders start from a page of the site, read the content and start looking for other links in the page, through these link addresses into the next page, in the site crawl will continue to cycle. If the site structure can not be very smooth construction, spiders and can not carry out the cycle of work, the content of the site does not crawl out of the site will also randomly.

Baidu algorithm in the description of the simple structure of the description, are some details of the optimization, but often is also the most easily overlooked by the webmaster, these details and is the main factor to determine success or failure. The optimal structure of tree structure is "home-channel-Details page"; Flat home to the details of the level of the page as little as possible, both the crawl friendly and can be very good transfer weight; mesh to ensure that each page has at least one text link point, can make the site as comprehensive as possible to be captured, within the chain of construction can also have a positive effect on the ranking.

optimization of simple details don't lose it.

SEO optimization No formula can be said, there is no corresponding skills, stationmaster need to optimize every detail, in order to survive in the long-term competition. Search engine details of the optimization is also commonplace things, the author again to work together with the following: the site needs to maintain a consistent URL access address, do not have multiple addresses to access the same page; the URL as short and easy to read so that users can quickly understand; The file needs to be shielded from the search engine crawl pages, the establishment of Sitemap files, dead chain files, and timely through the Baidu Webmaster platform for submission; For each page add a navigation to facilitate the user clearly located the path; the webmaster can reasonably use the Webmaster platform to provide the robots, sitemap, index amount, Grasping pressure, dead chain submission, website revision and other tools.

Same, the algorithm how to upgrade are in the details of the optimization, on the basis of the site optimization of stringent requirements, to avoid those cheating in the loopholes in the Web site profit, the real hard stationmaster can not get the corresponding encouragement. Webmasters do not complain about Baidu algorithm update frequently, read carefully will find that newer is just more standardized guide, can help enterprises to do more perfect marketing. A5 Marketing (http://www.admin5.cn) to remind the small partners, grasp the details is the prerequisite for success!

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