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Last year, the application of NetEase front-end interview, did not expect 3 months unexpectedly received the notice of the interview, the Heart is also excited, spent a day of interviews, their own summary of the interview, the problem may not be complete, but these are I can remember the problem.

1.css height collapse (two boxes, one bottom according to 20px, a top according to 50px, the last two boxes between the distance for how much, for this question, fortunately I have read before, easy answer to 50px, the principle of CSS design time for most documents, May be a flaw in CSS at the time)
2. How to solve the height collapse (the answer was to use Overflow:hidden to answer the question in the interviewer's direction). Other methods can be
3. Fixed on both sides, the middle of the adaptive (I mentioned three, 1.float2.flex layout 3. Through position)
4. How to float (out of the document stream)
5. How to float clearly (at that time I answered the two, overflow : Hidden and Clear:both)
6. Prototype chain (this I don't have to say, Basic will)
7. Closures (IBID.)
8.rem and Em differ (REM is based on the top level, EM is based on parent)
9. Adaptive layout (Set font size and percentage by media query)
11. The mobile end solves the problem of screen rotation (which I did not answer at the outset, and later came to mind by detecting the breadth of the browser, although the interviewer said there was a built-in function, But it's barely answered.
12.zepto and jquery differences (I answered, the size is different, but then the interviewer asked why the size will be different, I slightly hesitant, and then at the interviewer's prompt, I know, because the mobile side of the compatibility does not need to consider a lot of
13. Performance animation, why use CSS3 (because CSS3 animation can start GPU rendering)
14.css3 The difference between animation and jquery animation is what
15.tap has 300 milliseconds of latency
16. How to solve the problem of Ajax can not be backward (I answered with a hash value, and then use the history function, the interviewer asked again, then you know what history function,. I really do not know, before watching Nanyi tutorial, there are two functions to write, but I really do not remember.
The last interviewer's advice, write more native code, try to write more components yourself, in a time when this front-end frame is changing fast, if you don't know the basics, if a frame is gone, you have to start from scratch, you don't have to chase people to learn, you can look at other people's frames, but don't live under someone else's roof.

Two sides
1.rem How to locate
2. Those who invoked the German API (because I built a project that was implemented with the German API)
3. Are you familiar with Webpack
4. Did you ever use SVN?
5. Usually in addition to bootstrap will layout it.
6. Have you ever used canvas, how much do you know?
7. Have you ever used ES6?
8. You know ES6 those attributes. (At that time only answered the scope of the const and let, and the difference between the arrow functions)
9. What is the most difficult problem in peacetime projects?
10. What is the problem when communicating with teammates?

Three sides
1.xxs, you know?
2. Have you ever seen JQ source code?
3. When did you start to do the front end,
3. Do you plan to do the front end all the time?
3. Have you ever tried to write CSS code to the body last?
4. For security, the data are more focused.

I am a little confused about the questions asked on three sides, so I don't remember particularly clearly, the interviewer asked the question is also very strange. A little biased towards life. The results of the interview will not be available until next week, only to pray that you will win. Finally, continue to work hard, failure is not afraid.

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