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Now the online spread of the method is probably divided into two kinds: one is using READYFOR4GB, I used, indeed can enable the system to identify 4G memory. But I feel this method is too barbaric, so decisively give up ...

The second is to use RAMDisk to use the extra memory as a hard drive. Several issues should be noted:

1. RAMDisk as far as possible in the English version (recommended RAMDisk plus 10.0).

2. Note that the registration machine should choose SuperSpeed RamDisk Plus 10.0.x (depending on your RamDisk version information selected, there will be no restrictions on the function) after the restart RamDisk partition format for a large part of the reason that appears here.

3. After adding the RAMDisk partition, a file with a suffix named. CIF is generated under the appropriate letter, and its properties are hidden, and if you look uncomfortable, you can hide it in the folder options. But do not delete, otherwise RAMDisk partition is not available after reboot.

4. With regard to TEM and TEMP environment variables, it is recommended that they be placed directly under the root directory of the RAMDisk partition. Failure to open a compressed file directly with WinRAR version 4.0 (unknown to other versions) may occur because the temp/tmp< temporary folder > folder in the RAMDisk partition will be deleted on reboot. WinRAR does not automatically establish the temp/tmp< temporary folder > Features). If you have a project that generates temporary files in the boot software or service, or if you do not start the system with similar WinRAR software, you can also establish a Temp/tmp folder < temporary folder >.

I originally installed the Win7 64-bit, and there was a problem installing Microsoft SQL Server 2005, so I changed to 32 bits. But the heart of the 32-bit system can only recognize the memory of about 3G brooding. As a result, it is concluded in many experiments.

Why use RAMDisk instead of READFOR4GB? The reason is that even if the allocated 2G memory will not be fully used, why use 4G again. 2G's enough. Why put the temporary folder, ie cache, virtual memory into the RAMDisk partition. Because the memory bar is much faster than the hard drive. Online say is fast 20W times, this w should be million bar. This is not known, in short, much faster. At the same time reduce the hard disk frequently read and write.

I split the memory out of 2G as a RAMDisk partition. Where virtual memory is allocated 1-1.5g, other as temporary files and IE cache (set in Internet Options, select System Auto Assign, not necessarily too large). The boot time is now stable at 30 seconds. There is no delay in playing the game.

As for RAMDisk installation and so on Baidu all have.


Several areas that need to be modified:

1, Rimdiskplus: If your English is not good, then use the Chinese version of it. I now use the Chinese version of the SuperSpeed RamDisk Plus 11.5.390.0, no problem.

2. After I used RAMDisk, there was a stack error compiling the C file in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. After constantly trying, it seems that you can not put the Temp folder to the root partition (if you think I have cheated you or said this is not right, I am sorry to forgive me, I still in the freshman ...) Here, I understand and winrar a problem. The solution is to "generate the ' temp ' folder" √, so you can still see the RAMDisk partition's Temp folder after the reboot (the problem here is so tangled I can't understand it, because if you don't "Generate ' temp ' folder" √, Even if you generate the Temp folder VS2010 or there will be stack errors, this is my problem, if you do not meet, congratulations you good character. Maybe it's a question of ramdiskplus the software itself. )。

3, I said above the use of a very large memory 2G is enough, I am sorry, I said that I can not use the later I may say that the use of. So now I want to say: please see 第4-5条.

4, Ramdiskplus has a "save image on shutdown" English is "saving at system shut down", if you tick this up then you can install some common software or games in the RAMDisk partition, because the image is saved when shutdown. Of course, the opportunity is very slow, even more depressing is that my machine can not shut down, you turn off the machine it restart, you shut it to close. If you can handle it, just tick it. If your memory is bigger than 4G, consider this one.

5, if you can't stand the 4th I think the Rimdisk partition is to put virtual memory, temporary files and IE cache. In that case, the size of the RAMDisk partition cannot be as big as it says. How big it is. Leave the memory to the maximum value that the system can recognize, and the rest is the size of the RAMDisk partition. See article 6th for virtual memory.

6, above said virtual memory 1-1.5g. Now I'm going to tell you not to be that big. Why use virtual memory? According to the information on the Internet and the book, virtual memory is not enough when the system produces paging file automatically take the hard disk as memory, Windows recommends that the size of virtual memory is 1-1 5 times times the physical memory. For machines less than 2G of memory, this data is scientific, and it seems unnecessary for 4G or more machines (provided you don't have the extra memory). More than 2G of memory on the virtual memory network can set the virtual memory to 0, some say virtual memory must have. I want to say: Give it a lower limit, and give it a ceiling as high as possible. You all know the benefits of doing this. Some students may say that temporary files and IE cache when the usual time to support the death of more than 100 m, then I directly left the virtual memory is not a big bad. Please see article 7th.

7, temporary files in general will not exceed 200M, but if you install a larger software, it will be installed when the files required to write temporary files as a temporary file folder, this time the temporary folder in the partition space is too small you can not pretend. For example, PowerWord 2010 Oxford flagship edition, you can try to install when it can have a large number of temporary files. Some classmates said: "Then I installed a lot of software such as VS2010, several g, then how to do." It's not enough to use the entire RAMDisk partition as a temporary folder. Please see article 8th.

8, generally like VS2010 such large software will not produce too large temporary files, it should take into account your temporary folder where the disk space is not enough problem. So you don't have to worry too much. But I can't guarantee that there are no exceptions. If this happens: there is not enough space for the temporary file to be installed when the software is loaded, and the software needs to be restarted (installation failed after reboot). There is only one way: Reconfigure the environment variables for TEMP and TMP and place them in a larger partition.

9, I to the RAMDisk partition configuration, for reference only, the following figure:





Virtualmemory: (In order to learn English I installed English language pack, Khan ...)

The default for publishing this note is that you have more than 4G of RAM and do not want to use 64bit OS.

If you are 2G, do not use RAMDisk again, not worth the candle.

If you think RAMDisk too much trouble, give you two suggestions: 1, directly with the 64bit OS. 2, with READFOR4GB, let your 32bit identify 4G or greater memory.

I have experienced some of the problems in this article.

Mistakes are unavoidable, and that's my level. But that very NB Hacker didn't say: enough eyes can bring problems to the surface. (Don't worship me, this is what Li Ming mentioned in the Linux tutorial.) Also please forgive me for the tutorial I am looking at piracy, sorry). So if there is a wrong place, please leave a message with the teacher. Since to write the article will be responsible for it, the end of the programmer will never do well.

Bad writing I know, I not only English is not good, I did not learn Chinese.




Mother's Day wish my mother and your mother a happy holiday and happiness forever.

Maybe you will never understand how terrible English is.

The programmer's hands are the magician's hands, they turn the boring code into colorful software. --Recommend a novel "Crazy Programmer".

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