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Collaborative platform is a team development, collaboration system, is generally based on the internet, but also useful professional network situation. The main functions of the collaboration platform are: Division of labor, Progress control, version control and other functions.

Advantages of the collaboration platform:

In order to achieve the common goal, the full friendship uses the organization resources, relies on the team common strength to accomplish one task together. Collaboration can focus on a short period of time to complete the task difficult for the individual, when we work together, the idea emerges among the group members, creative sparks fly faster, more passionate, the overall achievement is higher than the sum of individual efforts. Creative solutions often come out unexpectedly in the team's collaborative process.

The famous collaboration platform is: Baidu Encyclopedia, Interactive Encyclopedia, Wikipedia, Hi-net, price-to-travel collaboration platform. Google collaboration platform, lawyers Harbor network.

Legal Service cooperation is a kind of business model that solves the problem of legal business between peers through the Legal Service Exchange platform, which reduces the business cost and improves the quality of business. It is one of the models with the value of commercial investment to realize the mode of the freelancers.

National Science and Technology Service cooperation platformPlatform Overview

Founding background

In order to accelerate the development of science and Technology Service industry, with the support of Beijing Science and Technology Cooperation Center and the capital Science and Technology Service Association, the six units of Lu Hao Intellectual Property Union are based on the "capital Scientific and technological achievements industrialization public service platform" and jointly launched the "National Science and Technology Service cooperation platform".

Platform Tenet

The platform aims to promote the sharing of resources among science and technology service organizations, complement each other, customers ' mutual recommendation and mutual assistance, and explore a new mode of cooperation mechanism and modern service industry development of the National science and technology services.

Operating mode

Platform to "National Science and Technology Services Cooperation Network" (platform website) as a window, supplemented by a variety of offline interactive activities, through the platform website to release member information, member dynamics, cooperation needs, funding policies and conference information information, with Platform forum, salon, lectures, cocktail parties, meetings, training, Seminars or information dissemination activities, to help members understand the latest developments and trends in the industry, to create cross-regional cooperation opportunities for members, to assist members to find partners efficiently and conveniently, so as to achieve mutual benefit, complementarity, mutual recommendation and mutual assistance among members.

After the platform was built, the initiator-Beijing Road Hao will be obligated to build platform website, the obligation to maintain platform website, and the obligation to undertake the platform daily work and organize various activities.

Platform Members

1. Membership

The Platform adopts the institutional membership system, does not accept the individual as a member, only receives the science and Technology Service organization as a member. Technology services include: research and development services, innovative entrepreneurship services, financial legal services, intellectual property services, scientific and technological advisory services, technology transaction services, inspection and testing services, information technology services, science and technology training services, incubation services and accounting audit services, as well as the Technology Industry Association Chamber of Commerce and other scientific and technological services institutions.

The platform adopts real-name registration system to register the real name of member institutions.

2. How to Join

Platform with free to join the system, join the platform do not have to pay any fees.

The franchisee fill in the annex II in the "Member Information Form", by mail or fax to the initiator of the representative unit-Beijing Road Hao Technology Development Co., Ltd., confirmed by the initiator, received the member code, user name and password, that is, become a platform member.

After the completion of the platform website, the franchisee can also fill out the member Information Form online through the platform website.

3. Member rights

Members of the platform will receive a dedicated member code to enter the platform website via username and password, submit online cooperation or demand information, online real-time query platform website to provide various information, and free to participate in the activities of the Platform organization.

4. Exit mode

Platform members are free to exit the platform. When you exit, you can simply notify the initiator by email or fax. When you exit, the platform site will no longer have information about exiting members.

Platform website

The platform website will have the following features:

1. Information release function

The Platform website provides member information publishing features that allow members to post their contact information, dynamic information, and collaboration information. The platform website also provides the expert mien display function, the member can promote its expert on the platform website.

2. Information Inquiry function

Platform website provides member information query function, members can search the site to view other member contact information, dynamic information and cooperation information. In addition, information on the funding policy provided by the Platform website, as well as information on seminars, training courses and exhibitions, can be made available to members in a timely manner.

About collaboration Platforms

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