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load Average (average load) Basic concepts: load refers to the length of the run queue (run-queue) : L = number of waiting processes + number of running processes Load Average A statistic that refers to the sum of the number of processes that the CPU is processing over time and waits for the CPU to process, that is, the length of the queue used by the CPU. The Load Average reflects CPU usage and application. load Average (average load) and CPU occupancy rate difference: The information contained in the Load Average is not CPU usage status in a multitasking environment, after the system allocates a time slice, whether or not to use a full time slice depends on the process, so it is entirely possible to have low CPU utilization and high Load Average The case of load Average: in multiprocessor systems, load thresholds are based on the number of cores. With a 100% load calculation, 1.00 for a single processor, and 2.00 for two dual processors, 4.00 indicates that the host has four processors. exceeding this threshold means the system is overloaded. Real-time calculation formula for load average : load (t) = Load (t-1) e^ ( -5/60) + N (1-e^ ( -5/60)), iteration calculation, where n is Run-que The length of the UE

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