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About IBM random start options (which retain those deleted)

About IBM random start options (which retain those deleted)
The following figure shows the startup options after the random software is installed (it is clear to see the solution by the optimization master)

1 digital line Detect-is part of BVR telephone software kits. It provides fax, phone book, email, and other functions (which can be deleted)
2 Bluetooth control disk-you can delete it if you do not need Bluetooth
3 tpkmaphelper-IBM ThinkPad help process generally does not need to be deleted
4 tpshocks-recommended hard disk Protection Program
5 tphotkey-hotkey function is recommended to be retained
6 tp4ex-red dot related programs can be deleted if you use an external mouse
7 ezejmnap-ThinkPad easyeject utility can be deleted
8 pwrmgrtr-the battery display icon on the taskbar is recommended to be retained
9 blog-recommended for software with Power Supply
10actray-access connections can be deleted if you do not need
11 acwlicon-the IBM unlimited connection status monitoring tool does not need to be deleted
12psqllauncher-the fingerprint software can be deleted
13tpkbdled-software recommended to retain the key between the red dot and the mouse
The auxiliary tool of 14dla-combo driver can be deleted if you do not need combo
152.16thauthenticationagent-the Bluetooth Software can be deleted without Bluetooth
We recommend that you retain the software for 16cssauth-css.
17pdservice-if you do not need to load private disk during boot, you can delete it.
18tvt scheduler proxy-IBM System uptade automatic update can be deleted
19 is my Microsoft mouse and keyboard Software
20 is my Microsoft mouse and keyboard Software
21syntpenh-touchpad configuration and help delete or retain as needed
22syntplpr-synaptics touchpad driver helper delete or retain as needed
23ccapp-Norton's software won't be available if you delete Norton. Otherwise, it will be retained.
24vptray-Norton enterprise software I installed
25 The software for isuspm startup-recordnow can be deleted.
26issusscheduler-the same as above can be deleted
27tkbellexe-RealPlayer Deletion
28soundmaxpnp-the sound card software can be deleted
29soundmax-Same as above can be deleted
30atipta-ATI desktop control panel from ATI Technologies can be deleted
31ibmmwssages-access IBM message center can be deleted
The 32imjpmig8. 1 input method can be deleted.
33imekrmig6. 1 same as above
34mspy2002 same as above
35phiem2002async same as above
36phiem2002a is the same as above
37imscmig40w same as above
38ctfmon-recommended to retain the input method icon
39 ibmmessages-same as 31
I have not installed this software.
40. The software of agrsmmsg-cat can be deleted.



For more information, see
Atipta ATI desktop control panel from ATI Technologies, Inc. Located in "C: \ Program Files \ ATI Technologies \ ATI Control Panel \". Generally no
Ati2mdxx.exe for ATI Video cards. System Tray access to display mode changing, generally not required
Agrsmmsg agrsmmsg.exe is the softmodem messaging applet for your AMR modem.
Vswitchthauthenticationagent associated with a Bluetooth adapter. Generally, this parameter is not required.
Bmmgag displays a battery gauge icon in the taskbar (not the system tray). Provides shortcuts to IBM's proprietary power saving settings and to a battery information window. We recommend that you retain
Bmmlref battery manager for IBM ThinkPad laptops is recommended
Jbmmmonwnd IBM battery information is generally not required
Exshow95.exe support software for some of the Kensington mice. provides access to extra features like those available with enhanced Logitech and MS devices is generally not required
Qcwlicon used by IBM ThinkPad laptops with built-in wireless card (802.11). system tray icon that provides a too cut to "wireless connection status" and allows to turn wl on and OFF is generally not required
Cs3tray2 S3 display configuration taskbar utility for S3 chipset based graphics cards. can be run from start-> Settings-> Control Panel-> display is generally not required
Ezejmnap ezejmnap.exe is component of the ThinkPad easyeject utility, it manages to devices connected to your ThinkPad and makes it easier to disconnect multiple devices from your system.
Syntpenh syntpenh.exe is a process installed alongside the synaptics touchpad for laptop computer touchpads. Provides additional comprehenations and support, and is essential on some machines for the functioning of this input device.
Syntplpr syntplpr.exe is called synaptics touchpad driver helper, It is a touchpad driver helper application that is essential for touchpad to work properly.
Tp4ex tp4ex.exe is a process from IBM providing accessibility options for an IBM trackpoint.
Tphkmgr it allows the configuration of the FN keys your IBM ThinkPad laptop. Generally no
Tphotkey (tphkmgr) activates "ThinkPad help" when the "ThinkPad key" is pressed on an IBM ThinkPad laptop. also activates the audio buttons (volume up/down, mute) on models such as the ThinkPad T30 is recommended
Tpkmaphelper IBM ThinkPad help process is generally not required
Tpshocks responsible for controlling the IBM hard drive active protection system found on newer models of IBM thinkpads, including t41, t42, X40, R50, and r51. we recommend that you retain
You can use the registry to modify the boot add-on: Run regedit at the start and find
\ HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Run
Modify the add-ons respectively.
You can also use other software, such as tuneup utilities and rabbits.
Other add-ons that need to be retained, such as anti-virus software and some of their own programs such as QQ. Let's do this on your own.

Refer to this good site: http://www.bjbhlzx.com/thread-21819-1-1.html

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