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Do the electrical business know the importance of decoration, I tend to shop and women to do comparison, shop decoration is like a woman's face, can attract you, keep you, appearance is always the first element. However, shop decoration is always a headache, how color collocation is often confusing, difficult to master. So we must find suitable for our brand and positioning of the color to express our products, do a good job of color matching, try to use the home page focus map to attract users, retain users. So I want to share with you today is about the first page focus on the color matching-black, first from the black start talking about it.

1. The meaning of black

Different colors represent different meanings, and color also has character, implication and emotion. In China, black generally represents these characters: mature, stable, cold, mysterious, firm, solemn, repressed, sad and so on. So in different situations, you need to choose different colors, black is suitable for the above occasions.

Mature and steady--masculine charm: men's Clothing

Cold, mysterious-low-key gorgeous: cars, men's supplies, digital, sports

Firm, solemn--fashion: fashion, luxury

Depression, sadness--darkness, despair, death

Know the meaning of the black, we in the shop decoration can be based on their own brand and positioning to choose the use of black, the following share a few cases.

2. Use of Black

Fashion Brand

Case one: CHANEL

Take a look at the official Chanel, the use of pure black as the first Coke, showing the style of fashion big-brand stability and solemnity.

1, the use of black light must not be able to show the feeling of fashion, color elements and accessories to reflect the stability of the sense of solemnity, as far as possible to choose simple lines and other elements to performance.

2, the same to have a sense of decency, the proposed use of the song body, Bold, Sans Serif, do not recommend handwriting, comprehensive arts and other soft fonts.

3, the model, the same as the overall big wind, models to mature, stable. There will be only Julie on the poster, not Mr. Cang.

Male Hale

Case Two

Black can also show the style of male tough, it is not difficult, in the picture to add the elements of the Hale can: Stone, metal, gloss, and so on, the overall rendering to rugged, atmospheric, sharp, can not have a soft factor.

Low-key gorgeous

Case Three

This is Jang Dong Gun endorsement of the Hera Men's cosmetics, the official website of the basic All Black tone, plus metal luster and texture, men's tough style revealed no doubt.

Metal luster, metal luster performance is both introverted and explosive, very texture is also very cool, overall give people the feeling is low-key and gorgeous. With Jang Dong gun tough man image, you can get 26-35 of the age of men's recognition. This style applies to automobiles, men's supplies, digital and sports.

Angular, metal luster, low-key and gorgeous, the limelight.

On the home page focus on the color matching-black, today and you share the use of three kinds of situations, there will be more, hope that the operators of the electric power to help their colleagues.

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