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Install node with NVM under Windows

Before touching the NVM to see a lot of information, but there are some places in a daze, but fortunately the end of the hit was installed successfully. In this article, some pits are deliberately specified to prevent the pit from being trampled again. The first pit is that if you've already installed node separately, it's recommended to uninstall it before you look at this article.

1. NVM download

NVM: Https://github.com/coreybutler/nvm-windows/releases. Select the first nvm-noinstall.zip, then unzip in the system disk (general development-related files I put the C-drive, but it is also possible to put other disks). The directory path I put is C:\dev\nvm . The extracted files are:
+ elevate.cmd
+ Elevate.vbs
+ Install.cmd
+ Nvm.exe

2. NVM Installation

Double-click install.cmd , is displayed in the form of console, the first press ENTER directly, and then the C packing directory will be generated settings.txt , put this file into the directory just unzipped, and then modify the settings.txt content, change to the following:

root: C:\dev\nvm path: C:\dev\nodejs  arch: 64 proxy: none node_mirror: http://npm.taobao.org/mirrors/node/ npm_mirror: https://npm.taobao.org/mirrors/npm/

But some people unfortunately, this method does not work, because the open install.cmd press ENTER, the display denied access to the registry path, and pop up a settings.txt. At this point, you just have to walk away from the text and console, and then create a new file in the directory settings.txt , and finally copy the above content.

    • ROOT:NVM's storage address
    • Path: Stores a shortcut to the node version, which is generated automatically during the use of NVM. Usually written in the same time as the NVM.
    • Arch: The computer system is 64-bit write 64, 32-bit write 32
    • Proxy: Agent
3. NVM Configuration
    • With the console method executed successfully, Nvm_home and Nvm_symlink are automatically configured in the environment variables, as long as the corresponding path is modified.
    • Creating settings files directly can create Nvm_home and nvm_symlink in environment variables and add paths
      If you do not have a visual interface to open the environment variable steps too cumbersome, you can directly use * * windows+r => sysdm.cpl *
NVM_HOME: C:\dev\nvmNVM_SYMLINK : C:\dev\nodejs
    • Add in Path ;%NVM_HOME%;%NVM_SYMLINK%; .
      One-click Console install also check the environment variable path on the paths are not added C:\dev\nvm as well C:\dev\nodejs , some words will be deleted.
4. Test the installation Results

Open the console and enter: nvm -v If the version information appears, install it. If it is an error, then re-run the steps again.

    • Check that the environment variable is configured successfully: You can enter: in console to set [环境变量名] see if the path is filled in error
5. Use node
    • Console download = + input: nvm install [版本号] , download the latest version can be directly lostnvm install latest
    • After the download is complete, in the console, enter: nvm use [版本号] . Even with this version number of node. After use, the Nodejs folder described above is automatically generated. (no prior to use, OH)
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This article draws on the knowledge of other bloggers and uses the following URLs:

    • http://blog.csdn.net/tyro_java/article/details/51232458

about installing NVM in Windows

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