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After a few days of hard work, our works "Fly chat" The basic function has been achieved, from now on into the window beautification, commissioning, packaging and other stages.

But this morning the question came again, when the form is implemented, although the module is added (which also invokes the corresponding API), the corresponding code is added to the form, but "Live error ' 453" is popped at runtime: DLL entry point not found Skinh_attachex in Skinh_vb6.dll dialog box. The following figure:

In fact, this problem is likely to be called by the function of the system interface problem, I in the skin of the module declared function is:

Public Declare Function Skinh_attachex Lib "Skinh_vb6.dll" (ByVal lpskinfile As String, ByVal lppasswd as String) as Long

Tip There are several possible ways to find DLL entry points:

1, when declaring a statement in a system call with an error (such as misspelling the function name, which requires you to re-examine the function name you called), then if you are not very clear about the name of the function, you can use the Dependency Walker profiling tool to open the DLL dynamic link library. It can be used to find the correct function name, but also to check whether some functions are corrupted, etc.

2, the words in the Declaration of the statement in the system call have forgotten case-sensitive (must be case-sensitive when declaring system call functions);

3, there is another situation is that you call the DLL file corrupted or missing the function you want to call, such as the error above "Can't find DLL entry point Skinh_attachex in Skinh_vb6.dll", most likely because of your skinh_ VB6.dll the missing Skinh_attachex function in a dynamic-link library or an error occurs in this function, you can also use Dependency Walker to detect if this function is missing from the dynamic link library or if the function is corrupted, and if so, Re-download a corresponding DLL file to resolve.

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