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About Microsoft Cortana, we all know that Microsoft released the world's first personal intelligence assistant. It "can understand the user's preferences and habits", "help users to schedule, questions and so on". Today I would like to introduce you to the Android version of Cortana.

First of all, like the computer version of Cortana, the Android version of Cortana also need to login via Microsoft account, the main interface after landing is this:

Its main body is a window that can be toggled right and left, and the first window will show you the weather condition of your current location. There are reminders and itinerary for today and the next few days. The second window allows you to preset some schedules and manage those schedules. When the details of these schedules are determined, they are displayed in the first window. The third window is a display of information you might be interested in, such as international news, food recommendations, movie recommendations, and more.

The most distinctive feature of Cortana is, of course, the Smart Voice assistant feature, which can be asked directly by clicking the Record button next to the input box, or by issuing an instruction to Cortana. For example, you can use your voice to make Cortana Cortana set alarms, play music, query weather, and so on, although Cortana isn't an Android-enabled software, but these common features are no problem.

Of course, in addition to these basic functions, there are many features, such as the ability to use Cortana directly on the lock screen, "Hello Cortana" can wake Cortana, but this function through their own mobile phone is not implemented.

With a few days of use, I feel that Cortana is a more practical piece of software. For example, you want to set the 3 o'clock in the afternoon alarm, you say a word on it, and do not have to do other operations, such as when you are busy, want to call XX, can be done by Cortana. Of course Cortana also has a lot of shortcomings, first of all, and Cortana dialogue voice can not be too small, pronunciation to be accurate, otherwise there will be unrecognized or identify the error, the second is the content of the dialogue as far as possible, concise your purpose, otherwise Cortana will understand the wrong your purpose; Third, try not to pause during the dialogue Or else it will come to you. Not clear, Cortana began to recognize the situation, and finally is about Cortana's ability, Cortana's ability is limited, it can do some simple things, but complex things will not be completed. For example, you can open the QQ music through the dialogue, but you cannot open the QQ music through the dialogue and automatically play the music and so on similar operation. Hopefully with Cortana's gradual development, Cortana's capabilities are becoming more and more sophisticated, and the things Cortana can accomplish are becoming more complex.

The above is a brief introduction to Cortana and some of my feelings about using Cortana these days, hoping to help you with your knowledge of Cortana.

About Microsoft Cortana Cortana (Android version)

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