About socket programming Get client address notes

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Because I just hit this one recently and I accidentally stepped on a hole in it, so record this pit.

First, after we are all in the accept function to get the address of the client:

CLIENT_SD = Accept (WATCHER->FD, (struct sockaddr*) &client_addr, &client_len);

After the server receives the accept, the struct struct sockaddr * is used to store the client's address information

We can get to the client IP (dotted decimal string) via Inet_ntoa (CLIENT_ADDR.SIN_ADDR);

When I use it, every time I execute to inet_ntoa (segmentation Fault), the whole person is spartan;

Online search of the information found that INET_NTOA is so used ah????? So???

sprintf (node->client_addr,"%s", Inet_ntoa (CLIENT_ADDR.SIN_ADDR));

Finally in the discovery, the pit is here ...

Use Inet_ntoa must add header file # include <arpa/inet.h>

If the program runs here without warning, it will segmentation Fault

All, in peacetime it is best to turn on the compiler warning is better, otherwise these problems are really ....

About socket programming Get client address notes

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